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Has Facebook Censored Drudge Report?


By: Staff Reporter

In their steps towards controlling content, it appears that Facebook has censored the globally popular Drudge Report. 

The Drudge Report had over a million followers on Facebook just four days ago, and now it cannot be found using the Facebook search tool. 15 more words

More Censorship on Twitter!

Twitter is now marking out entire accounts as sensitive.  If they feel like some liberal, crybaby snowflake might get triggered, they grey out your entire profile to others, including to your followers. 492 more words



“It’s partially censored, but we can get the gist from it,” I heard someone say, breathless and excited, and I shook myself alert, rubbing my eyes. 500 more words

Flash Fiction

The Globe And Mail Requires That It's Readers Be 'Right' Thinking

Before I talk to you, you have to take ‘my’ test in order for me to know whether you are right thinking. But it’s a free universe. 662 more words



‘What’s in a name?’

Shame. Shame.Shame.

I would be giving you the key to me

My thoughts would be censored


No it’s better this way. 11 more words


The Nier: Automata Commercial That Square Enix Censored For Japan

(Source: kotaku.com)

There are two versions of a new Nier: Automata ad. One can be played on TV in Japan, while the other probably cannot. 92 more words


We are being censored

So I posted this on reddit r/activism and a similar post on a polyamory forum:

Hi there guys. I’d like to share with you people our community: full marriage equality; we support ALL kinds of consensual relationships, that includes poly relationships and their right to (multiple persons) marriage as well as incest — only ADULT CONSENSUAL INCEST. 256 more words