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Bills That Have Threatened/Are Threatening Internet Freedom


In Short: Stop Online Piracy Act. The goal of this bill is to allow the government the ability to shut down any website that has copyright infringement. 357 more words

Confidential File: Horror Comic Books!

I read tons of this kind of literature as a kid. It never really affected my behavior negatively, but then again I have a really strong conscience and I’ve always known I will be tormented relentlessly by guilt if I ever wronged anyone in even the slightest way. 119 more words

David Hajdu - Censorship in the Comic Book Industry

This may seem off topic, but remember the jews have always ran the comic book biz, as well as all other sorts of publishing. Feldstein and Gaines, who play a big part in the story he shares were real big jews. 134 more words

“The Song Remains The Same, However The Stakes Are higher”

Oh well, I see that nothing is going to change going into the New Year except, we will have more of our rights taken from us. 995 more words

Political Insight

I Will Not be Silenced

The thought of someone trying to shut me up with threats strengthens my voice. When a man is pushed to be silenced for speaking the truth, it is time for those who truly walk the walk to stand up, and fall in line behind him. 237 more words

Political Insight

Google & the elimination of humans (& keynotes)

‘The whole of the developments and operations of analysis are now
capable of being executed by machinery … As soon as an Analytical
Engine exists, it will necessarily guide the future course of science.’ 1,214 more words