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The current state of blogging, as told by Livejournal

Internet fiends today probably have no memory of Livejournal, the dinosaur that may have kickstarted the world of online blogging as we know it. Launched in 1999 by programmer Brad Fitzpatrick as a way of keeping in touch with close friends and family, the social network quickly rose to popularity in the few years following its creation due to its accessibility, customiseable interface, and features which allowed users with similar interests to congregate. 833 more words

Social Networks

[VIDEO] Pranking Military Guide! North Korea Day 3

Our 3rd day in North Korea the most isolated nation on earth! I’m trying to focus on positive things in the country and combat the purely negative image we see in the Media.


[VIDEO] An AR-15 in Every Home: 3D Gun Printer Cody Wilson on Resistance, Trump, the Media, & More

“It doesn’t matter what the origins of the Second Amendment were,” says Cody Wilson, creator of the first 3D-printed gun and author of the new book, Come and Take It: The Gun Printer’s Guide to Thinking Free. 206 more words

Law & Justice

Milo Yiannopoulos Barred from Speaking at Former School After Government Intervened

Milo Yiannopoulos, the far-right controversialist accused of fomenting hate speech, has been blocked from speaking at his old school after a government anti-extremist unit intervened. 50 more words



In a highly contentious move, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (‘MIB’) issued an order banning the telecast of the Hindi news channel ‘NDTV India’ on 9th November, 2016. 1,482 more words

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