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China’s New Cybersecurity Law Leaves Foreign Firms Guessing


BEIJING — Sui-Lee Wee reports: As China moves to start enforcing a new cybersecurity law, foreign companies face a major problem: They know very little about it. 384 more words


[VIDEO] Growing Number of College Students 'Think Freedom is Not a Big Deal'

Sociologist Frank Furedi on how to bring liberalism back to campus.

Nick Gillespie & Mark McDaniel: “For the first time, a growing number of young people actually think freedom isn’t a big deal,” says sociologist Frank Furedi, who’s an emeritus professor at the University of Kent and author of the new book, … 114 more words


[VIDEO] Journalists Challenge Censorship in Venezuela With 'El Bus TV'

To fight state media censorship in Venezuela, journalists are using cardboard television screens to present news reports on city busses. “El Bus TV” is aimed at providing news to people who lack access to the internet or social media.


More on Photos of Bais Yaakov Maidels

Click through to the article in full: (HT to MV)

The Troubling Trend of Photoshopping Bais Yaakov

Flipping through the book, I was struck by a photo, snapped sometime in the 1940s.

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Studying in China? Law, Culture, Language Classes are Now Compulsory

Foreign students at Chinese colleges and universities will also be overseen by special ‘instructors’

Nectar Gan reports: Foreign students pursuing higher education diplomas in China will have to take compulsory courses in Chinese and about the country’s general conditions and culture starting from next month, the government announced on Monday. 205 more words


When Bais Yaakov Prudishness Sabotaged My Seminary Interview

It doesn’t get more ironic than this, I think:

The literal translation is “the man knew Chava his wife.” But my teacher had translated it simply as “Adam married Chava.” The following phrase is “and she got pregnant and gave birth to Cain.” I hadn’t questioned the translation my teacher gave us, because it all seemed to make sense – after all, the order of things is marriage and then babies, right?

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