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Book review of Joshua Hendrick, Gülen: the ambiguous politics of market Islam in Turkey and the world, 2013.

This review was solicited by the Journal of American Studies of Turkey in 2014. It was accepted that year and slated for publication in January 2016. 1,317 more words


[VIDEO] Gender Specific Toys: Hazard to Children? 

In 2015, Target stopped labeling aisles for boys and girls to make toys “gender neutral.” Does their strategy match the facts? AEI Resident Scholar and Factual Feminist… 39 more words


[VIDEO] Krauthammer on CBS Clinton Edit: ‘Makes You Want to Walk Away in Disgust’ 

“This is a real day for: ‘If you believe that, you’ll believe anything.’ It makes you really want to walk away in disgust from politics and the media. 115 more words

Disgraced FBI Director Comey Refused to Testify on Clinton Emails

Chaffetz called the hearing to question officials about why whole and partial documents had been withheld from Congress, including unclassified files.

Sarah Westwood reports: FBI Director… 228 more words