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You Spin Me Right Round: Russia's Spinternet

Censorship has long been viewed as the most omnipresent threat to freedom of information in Russia; silencing the people and manipulating their worldviews, but, while censorship still exists within the state, there is a new, more disguised tactic at play. 451 more words

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Censorship in Russia: How should the future respond?

Social media and the law are two spheres continuously interacting, with ambiguous and dynamic solutions. The question of government intervention varies from every country, and with it we learn more about international affairs and citizen censorship. 435 more words


Cookies, Facebook, Bears and Russia: Welcome to McCarthy era 2.0

I don’t want to defend nobody, this is not a column for that kind of choices. However, we need to be clear, what is happening most of the time is how did we choose to see the decision of different people handling biggest corporations or massive governments? 548 more words


Hitler had the Right Idea. He was just an Underachiever...

I love Bill Hicks.  One of the last great stand-up comedians out there and very much missed.

If you watch the video from 52 seconds to 1 minute, then that is where the title of this very short piece is from and of course taken as just that quote you’d be thinking…wow, that is quite a nasty thing to say. 42 more words

Censorship & Free Speech

CRACKDOWN: China to Take Direct Control of Media, Film

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese state media will be getting more propaganda now that the Communist Party has announced it will be in direct control of broadcasters and the regulators of everything from movies and TV to books and radio programs. 371 more words


The Very Modern Deaths of Pastor Niemöller and Voltaire*

“I don’t agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

It wasn’t Voltaire that said this, it was *Evelyn Beatrice Hall who was….

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Censorship & Free Speech

What’s 'Genius' for Obama is Scandal When it Comes to Trump

The scandal involving Cambridge Analytica’s abuse of Facebook data underscores the point.

Ben Shapiro writes:

…  In 2012, The Guardian reported that President Obama’s reelection team was “building a vast digital data operation that for the first time combines a unified database on millions of Americans with the power of Facebook to target individual voters to a degree never achieved before.” 433 more words