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[VIDEO] Does Free Speech Offend You? 

Should offensive speech be banned? Where should we, as a society, draw the line where permitted speech is on one side, and forbidden speech is on the other? 37 more words


China: 197 Punished for 'Online Rumors'

BEIJING (AP) — People recently punished in China’s campaign against online rumors include those who circulated an inflated death toll in the Tianjin blasts and who alleged a man committed suicide because of the country’s stock market woes, … 225 more words


'We’re Always Among the First to Learn America’s Bad News': Chinese Media

Shootings are rare in China, which largely outlaws private gun ownership. But knifings have occurred there with some frequency in recent years, including an assault at a school in central China in December 2012 that injured 22 children and one adult. 558 more words
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Ridiculous Censorship: Facebook Removes Image Poking Fun at ISIS

Islamic State have been blamed for the deaths of tens of thousands of people but they must be shown the same level of respect on Facebook as anyone else, the internet company has said: 337 more words


Turkey's Digital Crackdown on Media, Censors Hundreds of News Sites

Turkey recently started a new digital crackdown on critical and independent media. However, Turkish government has been involved in ‘online security’ policies as far back as 2007 with the law numbered 5651, Law Regulating Digital Publications which has very quickly expanded from its original aim and started targeting political dissent and criticism. 486 more words


After Arrests, Hong Kong Government Quietly Deletes Articles Gushing About Uber

Laurel Chor writes: While the city’s Type-A, over-privileged, impatient residents complained about yesterday’s arrests of Uber drivers and debated whether that sounded the death knell for the company’s services in Hong Kong, … 225 more words