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Hitler Does Disney

Everything for the cat. Literally. The deeper meaning? Nothing is too good for the cat.

Dresden, October, 2016 

Whenever a situation is hopeless, this saying gets trucked out, after an old fable in which a miller, relying for his income on the goodwill of his clients, gets increasingly frustrated at being paid nothing, and gives his entire income to his cat, until it starves. 68 more words

Asphalt Punk

Liberal Journalists Rediscover Mission As Obama Leaves Office

‘Everyone should be ashamed’

Peter Hasson reports: The end of Barack Obama’s eight years in office combined with an incoming Trump administration has liberal journalists placing a renewed importance on holding elected officials accountable. 341 more words


#Privacy is still alive and kicking in the #DigitalAge

Our lives are lived in data. Data crossing borders and connected in virtual space. Most often, it appears, we live in open and too easily accessible data networks. 223 more words


China’s ‘Social Credit’ System: Turning Big Data Into Mass Surveillance 

The declared aim of this ambitious plan for a social-credit system is to build a ‘culture of sincerity.’ At this stage in China’s history, it is questionable whether the party-state can build any kind of culture. 798 more words