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Pump Clip Parade - Putrid Puritanism

This post was caused by some funny timelines; I saw this post on the Allgates Blog last week, but it is from May of 2014. 794 more words


Quote of the day, June 29

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, on censorship

“If decade after decade the truth cannot be told, each person’s mind begins to roam irretrievably. One’s fellow countrymen become harder to understand than Martians.”


[VIDEO] Greg Gutfeld: Mindless Media Embrace Absurd Study on Extremism

There’s just one problem with the New America Foundation‘s conclusion…

Greg Gutfeld took on “lazy” media outlets that cited a flawed new studywhich claims that right-wing extremists have killed more people in the United States than Islamic extremists. 56 more words


Bret Stephens: When Reportage Is Propaganda

Journalism from places like North Korea and Iran should be prefaced with a disclaimer: Big Brother Is Reading This, Too

Bret Stephens writes: The New York Times… 394 more words