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[VIDEO] Tarzan and Jane Pre-Code Banned Nude Swimming Scene, 1934

Hollywood Censors and Johnny Weissmuller’s Films

The principal objection to the film was the nude swimming sequences with a double for Maureen O’Sullivan. When Breen saw the film at MGM on April 5, 1934, he rejected it. 359 more words


AKP'liler 'Hollandalı' diye Norveçli gazeteciye saldırdı - Evrensel.net

AKP’liler ‘Hollandalı’ diye Norveçli gazeteciye saldırdı – Evrensel.net – AKP’li grup Norveç basınından bir gazeteciye ve kadın gazetecilere ‘Siz Hollanda’ya çalışıyorsunuz, hepinizi tek tek çektim. Göreceksiniz’ diyerek tehditler savurdu. 36 more words


[VIDEO] Xi Jinping's Name Appears, Then Disappears in a Chinese Drama

Just days before China’s National People’s Congress session, the names of President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and a few other former top officials briefly appeared on a scroll in a popular historical TV drama set in ancient China — and not in a positive light. 456 more words


Charles Murray: Reflections on the Revolution in Middlebury

Charles Murray writes: A few months ago, AEI’s student group at Middlebury College invited me to speak on the themes in Coming Apart and how they relate to the recent presidential election. 1,549 more words



Hebrew, which can be written without vowels, is alive and well on German streets.

It is the language of YHWHs people, the anonymous God.


Teacher, 28, 'Gang Raped By 9 Iraqi Immigrants In Vienna Attack'

A court in Austria has heard that nine Iraqi immigrants gang raped a teacher during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Vienna.

The woman, 28, said she was drinking in a bar with a female friend but was apparently “taken away” by four men and led to an apartment where five more men were waiting to begin the “humiliating and agonizing” attack, which lasted for two hours. 376 more words

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How the Far Right is Outsmarting the Grannies of Dresden By Pretending to Be Nice

Nothing is innocent on the street. The graffiti below, for instance, on the wall of the old waterworks along the Elbe River in Dresden, looks at first glance as the casual art work of a child too nice to get down and mean about street fighting with a spray can. 394 more words