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Dead or Alive X-3: An Unnecessary Casualty of the Progressive War on Gaming

Ever since its humble beginnings on the original PlayStation platform, the Dead or Alive franchise has had two major selling points: violence and tits. If we’re going to be honest with ourselves, there is a  1,793 more words


Singapore Cuts Banned Publications List

Singapore has slashed the number of books and magazines that are banned from being read or owned in the country.

The Media Development Authority, which also regulates the film, TV and Internet sectors, said that it had “de-gazetted” some 240 publications, cutting the banned list from 257 to just 17. 201 more words


Internet giant reddit has declared war on Chinese Internet censorship

Internet giant Reddit may have declared war on the so-called ‘Great Firewall of China,’ which regularly blocks news sites considered ‘unfriendly’ to the Chinese government. 442 more words


Unnecessary Censorship 11-25-15

We pulled a Turkey Prep video, since it’s Thanksgiving and all, to help you decide how to prep your bird tomorrow. The wonderful Giada De Laurentiis from the Food Network has a nice how-to prep of a bird, and we wanted to share it as a public service. 53 more words


Can I get an 'Amen' to that?

Not it if it involves the Lord’s Prayer in a cinema, apparently. Now, it is perfectly legal (despite what some indignant anti-religious letter writers seem to believe) for a religion or political party to advertise in the UK. 435 more words

Mad World

What Amazon did isn't censorship

Earlier this week, a kerfuffle broke out on the Internet over whether Amazon removing a book from its sales stock was censorship.

(Side note: I love an opportunity to use the word kerfuffle.) 642 more words


S Word essay

A word essay about the letter S wouldn’t even be close to complete if I didn’t mention the word that starts with S and refers to activities that the censor board thinks is rather un-Indian. 236 more words