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If You Talk About “THIS” You Will Be Censored and Targeted—100% Proof and The Real Agenda

By Lisa Haven

If you are a freedom loving patriot who values American principles then you are likely already aware of the massive amount of censorship happening on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, and other globalists linked organizations that target individuals who bring attention to their continuous, creepy corruption. 228 more words

Government Corruption Illuminati

My Racist Webcomic


White guilt is a pretty terrible feeling. Fortunately, there are things you can do to be forgiven of your whiteness, so you do not need to feel guilty. 724 more words

Follow-up: Censorship of opinion, disgraceful sports organizations

I make a post on Hope Solo and an outrageous and unjustified suspension, practically naming it the height of abuse, and what happens? More or less immediately a three-fold example that is equally bad pops up. 572 more words

The National Union of Students: Everyone is Equal, Just Some are More Equal than Others.

“ is all about making sure that students feel safe on campus and that we extend their freedom of speech by not being marginalised when they’re debating,” he said, adding: “This is very different to a Safe Space policy which is based on the idea that every single person has freedom of speech and everyone has equal right to freedom of speech, however some people have more equal rights than others.” 742 more words

Political Correctness/Censorship

How gratuitous blocking on Twitter is censoring the plain facts of State pension fraud

I’m very happy to apologise when I’ve gone over the ball during an exchange on social media. What I’m not happy to accept is self-important Establishment apologists blocking me on the grounds of what I might say…or, even worse, politicians deciding what I can and can’t see. 1,012 more words

Hillary Clinton Vows to Shut Down 'Conspiracy Theory' Websites

Longtime conspiracy theorist condemns opponents for their “dark conspiracy theories”

Baxter Dmitry of Investment Watch Blog reports:

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press will be resigned to history under a Hillary Clinton presidency, as the Democratic nominee threatens to shut down alternative news websites and anything the establishment view as a “conspiracy theory” if she is elected President of the United States. 510 more words


Chinese Pollution Issues Stress Need For Free & Independent Media

The Chinese government leadership have a real problem. Technology is giving people and local groups more power to look into issues and to get the results of their investigations to a lot of people in a hurry. 723 more words

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