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Breaking News: It's Time For Your Nightly Source Of Paranoia

I don’t often watch the news but I am a very paranoid person. How do these two relate? To quote Aunty Uji in Americanah, “If you keep watching television, you will think these things happen all the time. 376 more words


The 21st Century Public Sphere

Where is the 21st-century coffee shop discourse occurring?

In the 20th century, German Intellectual Jürgen Habermas likened the public sphere to a European Coffee House, a place where the bourgeoisie and working classes could gather to engage in discourse about the current social issues and needs of society. 661 more words

Censor for a Day - Media Studies Trip

A group of Y13 Media Studies students went to ‘Censor for a Day’ at the Roxy Cinema in Miramar to learn about censorship of film in NZ run by the Office of Film and Literature Classification. 94 more words

From The Classroom

"Imagine, OF all the people"? Fidel Castro's, and the "real story", behind John Lennon park

Beatlemania having swept over the world in the sixties is far from an over exaggeration, as we all know. But to find out that in 1964 Fidel Castro declared a nationwide ban of the Beatles’ music really puts into perspective the influence and reach music can have. 586 more words


Pot Men and Little Weed banned...Twitter censors the words 'pot' and 'jackass' from sensitive users

Read more me_internet.htm at MelonFarmers.co.uk

See  article from usnews.com

  Banned on Twitter

If you’re looking to follow news and advocacy about an anticipated Vermont legislature vote this week on legalizing marijuana, a search for the latest tweets that use the combined terms Vermont and marijuana will for many Twitter users yield zero results.

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Using proxychains to become (mostly) anonymous

If you’ve ever wanted to mask your IP address (whatever the reason) you’ll be aware that using a proxy is the first thing to do. 979 more words