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Never-before-seen document penned by nazi leader Himmler uncovered in Israel

In this compelling documentary, the life of SS officer Heinrich Himmler unfolds through film footage and the letters he wrote during the war.. (photo credit:PR) 1,008 more words
Human Rights Violations


The biggest and most concerning problem in today’s society is processional detachment with a way of life that has been replaced by electronic communication of which in essence is a facade to a mass delusion of social connection. 446 more words

The Ugly Briton

Waiting in vain Churchill’s decisions meant hardship and death for millions

By Shashi Tharoor, November 29, 2010

Few statesmen of the 20th century have reputations as outsize as Winston Churchill’s. 572 more words
Human Rights Violations

Jewish communities say Russia is virtually free of anti-Semitism

Jews in the prayer room of a synagogue in the Jewish community center, Novosibirsk, during the opening ceremony © Alexandr Kryazhev / Sputnik
The head of Russia’s Federation of Jewish Communities has told reporters that over the past years manifestations of anti-Semitism in the country have been at a minimal level and boiled down to day-to-day cases. 250 more words
Human Rights Violations

A Pivot to Nuclear Fears with John Pilger (Video)

With all eyes on the nuclear standoff with North Korea, what is the over-arching agenda in play behind the politics of crisis? Tyrel Ventura sits down with documentary filmmaker and journalist John Pilger to learn more about the unfolding behind-the-scenes power play, and to discuss his latest documentary, “The Coming War on China.” 112 more words


"The Author's Children"

They took them

The beautiful words

And white paper

They spread their poison

A foul yellow liquid

They lit a flame

Its light burned bright… 26 more words


Joan Rivers and the burden of combat

In 1968, the associated mink ranchers of the Great Lakes region banded together and decided that they needed to find an ad agency that could restore public opinion on mink coats, to which young leftists of the 60s were ethically opposed. 1,848 more words