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Secret Data Sunday - ABC News (in the US) Stonewalls over their Dubious Iraq Public Opinion Polls

Below is an email that I sent to Kerry Smith, the Senior Vice President for Editorial Quality at ABC news, back in November of 2016. 670 more words


Angela Merkel is working with Twitter And; The EU to BAN accounts like mine that report truthfully on the Migrant Crimes taking place in Europe

Angela Merkel is working with Twitter & The EU to BAN accounts like mine that report truthfully on the Migrant Crimes taking place in Europe… 61 more words


Facebook slams proposed German 'anti-hate speech' social media law

If German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has his way, platforms like Facebook will face fines for hosting illegal content. In a rare direct statement, Facebook says it should not be tasked with “state responsibilities.” 891 more words

Self-Censorship; the legacy of RIPA - Vote Accordingly

Brighton – PFL Command Post May 22 2017: We were talking – as many now are – about how in the world it was possible for 60 million Americans not just to vote for Trump, but, after 120 days of demonstrated disaster and incompetence STILL to support him. 1,021 more words


Globalist fascists and leftist followers begin media censorship campaign

Image from Infowars.com

Fox News has fallen from first to third after a tumultuous last few months. We’ve seen Fox leadership plagued by claims of sexual harassment, the removal of TV personality Bill O’Reilly, the death of Roger Ailes, and now the unprecedented assault against Fox host Sean Hannity because of his coverage of the circumstances behind the murder of Seth Rich. 58 more words

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Liberal Literature

Preparing for my first trip to the Balkans in 1992 as the siege of Sarajevo was beginning, I consumed what little Yugoslav and Balkan literature was available at the time. 341 more words


Thoughts on the Manchester Bombing of 22nd May 2017

This blogger asserts that the state can use its police, military and intelligence agents to commit false flag terror events. The false flag of 911, that led to the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq being the worst examples of US/Israeli led events. 713 more words