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Groupthink vs. Creativity

Groupthink seems to have gotten worse in this era of social media. If you have a differing opinion on any subject, you risk the chance of being blocked, a digital form of shunning. 252 more words

The Turds that Fertilize Facebook’s Walled Garden

It was reported by the Wall Street Journal on Friday that Facebook employees again defiantly tried to curb its users of free expression on the social media platform, requiring CEO Mark Zuckerberg to intervene. 213 more words

Study estimates cost of last year's internet shutdowns at $2.4 billion

Whenever there’s a shutdown of internet access or restrictions placed on an app, we shake our heads disapprovingly because we know it’s a fundamentally bad idea to do that. 291 more words


The Wild Wild West of News

The Wild Wild West of News –“Remember, Obama has actually bragged about lying to the American people…”

by Bill Lockwood

True to his Marxist roots President Obama, in the waning days of his tenure in office, decries what he calls the “wild wild west” of news while suggesting that some agency should have a “curating function” to filter what is “approved” for public consumption. 622 more words

Hillary Clinton

Ridiculous: Reporting on the Dakota Pipeline may get journalist 45 years in jail

Source: NaturalNews.com
David Gutierrez
October 24, 2016

On October 11, journalist and documentary filmmaker, Deia Schlosberg, was arrested while filming, in her professional capacity, a protest in solidarity with the struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline. 641 more words


Have we lost our moorings?

For weeks our local public radio station had urged us to consider what the American Dream means.

I discovered when I spent part of one summer talking with faculty and students in Amman, Jordan—as part of an exchange–the denizens we met clearly considered the United States a democracy. 507 more words

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