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For All The Silenced Voices

​With Tuesday being world poetry day, I wrote a poem to give thanks for my right to freedom of expression. As I did so I thought of the words of the late Chilean poet Pablo Neruda who when living under the Pinochet regime remarked poetry is the only danger here and in many countries his words have an all too disturbing ring to them as poets are often seen as enemies of the state. 444 more words


House Intelligence Committee Admits Trump Was Spied on by the Obama Administration

California Congressman Devin Nunez, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee admits the Trump transition team was under surveillance by the Obama administration after the election. In a sense, James Comey was right – there was no direct surveillance in conjunction with the FBI investigation, but Trump’s team was being unofficially spied on by the White House before the new president took office. 31 more words

Facebook Evaluating or Restricting Memes?

Facebook is among the largest platforms for sharing memes, with some of its biggest pages’ dedicated to spreading them.  So, in 2015, the company filed a patent for a ‘Meme Detection in Digital Chatter Analysis.” … 258 more words


Banned from using the name HERMES

(Note: I’m going through my old blog and republishing choice articles here. Eventually the old blog will be deactivated.) Addition: This is being saved for future ref. 691 more words


Public Shaming and PC Culture

Twitter users think that they are the bastions of truth and free speech, but have lead campaigns of public shaming, gotten people fired from their jobs, and intimidated publishers into revoking book deals. 871 more words