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Why Rape Jokes Aren't Offensive

Okay, I know… You’re already offended. Untwist your panties and hear me the fuck out for a second.

I’m a relatively new stand-up comedienne. In my (almost) two years of regularly attending open mics and doing showcases, I’ve come to believe that the most important function of comedy is to take power away from evil things by (either literally or sardonically) showing how terrible and damaging they are; that maybe we can begin to… 659 more words


Google has flagged a Kenyan music video celebrating gay love as "potentially inappropriate"

An event marking World Press Freedom yesterday was, strangely, the venue that Kenya’s media regulator chose to announce progress in its efforts to censor a music video promoting gay rights, a Kenyan remix of the Macklemore song… 423 more words

VIDEO -- Alex Hunter: MayDay! Halt Chemtrails and save Earth & humanity

by Alfred Lambremont Webre
May 3, 2016

Alex Hunter is a Vancouver activist known as “Captain Chemtrail” because of his command of the full range of the covert technology of chemtrails to terraform Earth and humanity into a remote controlled species commanded by a Controller Matrix and in turn by AI Artificial Intelligence. 38 more words


Just Bein' Honest

This post was originally going to be about just one subject but then I thought, hey, this is already going to be a pretty unpopular opinion on the subject, so why not write a whole post about my unpopular opinions on a bunch of subjects instead of just one. 2,422 more words

Be careful out there!

We are experiencing a ‘heatwave’ here in Blighty, which means that the temperature might get up to about 22 degrees Celsuis (don’t laugh, though the tabloids are bound to quote the temperature in Fahrenheit to make it appear ‘hot’).  334 more words


Vox populare

Polish music fans have protested against government influence over a public radio station by voting a song called I Love Freedom to the top of its chart. 60 more words