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Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451

Overview: Guy Montag is a fireman. Now, do not confuse his job with today’s fireman. His job is not to put out fires, rather it is to start them. 203 more words

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Calling Iran a "religious dictatorship" is a crime

Esmail Ahmadi-Ragheb is an Iranian activist who was sent to jail for a number of “crimes against the state” which included posting on Facebook that the regime in Iran is a “religious dictatorship”, meeting with the mother of an Iranian blogger who died under interrogation and taking part in peaceful protests. 24 more words


Chinese official fired after calling Mao a "devil"

By Dylan Sahlin

A Chinese political figure, Zuo Chunhe, has been fired from his post in the ruling Communist Party after calling Mao Zedong a “devil” on social media. 100 more words


The Media Is Lying to Everyone About What Obama Has Done in Syria

by Darius Shahtahmasebi for ANTIMEDIA

(ANTIMEDIA) It’s time to put to rest the notion and myth perpetuated by the corporate media that Barack Obama had a “ 1,075 more words


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If someone in your family is suspicious, turn him in or be held responsible for his crimes.

Regardless of what really happened in Orlando or what the alleged shooter’s wife did or didn’t do in furtherance of the crime, this case will be used to broaden the scope of how family members can be held accountable in the crimes of relatives. 326 more words