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États-Unis : Censure en action, Michael Savage sauvagement retiré des ondes de la radio américaine

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Censorship in action: Michael Savage savagely taken off air across the U.S. of A.
On Monday September 26, as he was discussing Hitlary Clinton’s health hours prior to the first presidential debate, renowned author Michael Savage was savagely taken off the air by the “Powers That Be”, first on his flagship ABC radio station in New York City, then all across his syndicated network of some 400 stations all across the U.S. 373 more words

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[Revue de presse] C'est la reprise


Au menu de cette rentrée : de l’intelligence artificielle, des voitures autonomes et un point d’avancée sur la Bigbrowserisation du monde. 512 more words

Revue De Presse

Facebook And Israel Officially Announce Collaboration To Censor Social Media Content

By Whitney Webb

Following Facebook’s censorship controversy over a world famous photograph of the Vietnam War, Facebook has agreed to “work together” with Israel’s government to censor content Israeli officials deem to be improper. 555 more words

Facebook chiude diversi pagine e account pro-Palestina

InfoPal. Nelle ultime ore, l’amministrazione di Facebook ha chiuso numerose pagine e account pro-Palestinesi, comprese quelle affiliate a Hamas. Alcune pagine sono state chiuse per la 10ª volta. 184 more words

Ghana’s Media imbroglio with the politics of insults

I read somewhere that the media in Ghana ‘have gone to bed’ with politicians. The opinions out there question the inability of the media to regulate ‘the foul language and hate speech’ the politicos use on their medium and attribute that inability to the fact that the media is pursuing the agenda of political parties. 474 more words


When All Else Fails - Part Ten of Can't We All Just Get Along? Truths and recommendations re intra-board relations

The focus of the previous posts in this series has largely been on prevention – practices and procedures that boards can employ to reduce the likelihood of board disharmony. 1,611 more words

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Tunisie : Après un an, #Ammar404 le retour ?

Post publié sur Nawaat. En Anglais ici

Alors qu’en l’espace d’un an la Tunisie accuse le meilleur taux de pénétration d’internet/population au Maghreb (~28%), dont plus de 77% utilisateurs de réseaux sociaux, la liberté d’expression sur internet devrait être garantie.

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