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What the Census reveals and doesn't reveal about Aussie religion

If Tuesday’s headlines in the Melbourne’s media were anything to go by, the most important news coming out of the national census is that Melbourne is better than Sydney and we are about to become bigger. 1,505 more words


Congressman Doesn’t Want Illegals to Count for Electoral College, House Districts

By Brendan Clarey – Re-Blogged From Liberty Headlines

Amidst the focus on the Senate’s version of Obamacare “repeal and reform,” Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) introduced legislation Wednesday that would change the look of electoral maps and Congressional representation by recognizing only American citizens. 317 more words

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Should Christians be afraid of 'no religion'?

This week census data was released. In the lead up to the census there was a big campaign encouraging folks to tick ‘no religion’. There was also a counter-campaign from some Christian groups desperately encouraging folks who were undecided to tick ‘Christian’, so that Australia wouldn’t become a Muslim country. 91 more words


Census 2016 shows Australia's changing religious profile, with more 'nones' than Catholics

The 2016 Census showed major changes in the ranking order of religious groups in Australia.
AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Gary D Bouma, Monash University

Every five years the census asks Australians: “What is your religion?”. 827 more words


Census 2016 puts on display the increasing diversity in Australians' relationships

Much of the change in partnering in Australia has been in response to changing legal and social norms.
AAP/Alan Porritt

Edith Gray, Australian National University… 668 more words


Census Reveals 14% Growth In Number Of Statistics

The amount of statistics in Australia has grown by nearly a sixth in the last five years according to the figures from the 2016 Census released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. 264 more words


Growing interstate migration to Qld reflects improving economy & relatively more affordable house prices

As well as releasing the first batch of 2016 Census data, the ABS also updated its quarterly population estimates yesterday, and I was very pleased to see net interstate migration to Queensland is picking up nicely (see chart below). 135 more words