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For the first time in history, a bigger share of American women than men have college degrees

Women have out-enrolled men at the undergraduate level in the US since the late 1970s, but only in the past year has the percentage of women with a bachelor’s degree in the US surpassed the percentage of men with one. 344 more words

race and ethnicity are really just constructs

I thoroughly enjoy Lisa Wade’s Sociological Images blog. In a recent post, she discusses how race definitions have changed over time, and how we ended up labeling white/black/Asian as races and Latino/Hispanic as ethnicity. 68 more words

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Black History Month: Part 2

Last week’s post looked at three black residents in Norwich connected to the campaign against slavery. This post turns the attention to black Norwich residents who are remembered through history in other unique and diverse ways. 442 more words

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US Census Report Highlights an Aging America

Seniors today are living longer, more active lives than ever before, according to Census data.

Read: US Census Report Highlights an Aging America at Philips Lifeline


Classifying Communities

Trying to identify communities and how they will respond to hazards, whether they will be passive victims or active innovators in the face of disaster is a task that continues to exercise hazard research. 710 more words

Census punch card reader

A few nice computer images I found:
Census punch card reader

Image by shandrew
The census demonstrates how information architecture has shaped the development of nations. 17 more words

A Revisit of Her Father's Marriages: Harry Flowers and Nancy Sawyer

To read about Harry’s first marriage, click here.

Nancy Sawyer (b. 1873)
Harry Flowers (b. 1845-6)
Children–Chauncey Sawyer Flowers (b.1895), John Flowers (b.1898), Fred Flowers (b.1899), Rachel Helen Flowers (b. 369 more words

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