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Bill Tierney: Did you agree to share your census info in 2108?

Remember the fuss back in 2011, when the federal Conservative government canned the long-form census and replaced it with a “national household survey?” It was meant to be more like a non-invasive voluntary consumer poll than a serious sociological tool packed with pertinent information for our governments. 738 more words

West Island Gazette

Why is family history so difficult (2)

This post continues analysis of the decline in popularity of traditional first names in England and Wales and in Andrew’s Kindred (my own family tree) ( 358 more words


Sexuality and Gender Identity in the Census

The Census in England and Wales is sent out every ten years to every household. It asks questions about issues such as demographic characteristics, the house you live in, your health and the work you do. 1,454 more words




What’s God so Angry About?

Of all the theological terms we find in the Bible, I think propitiation is the least known and understood. One could ask the average man on the street, and he may know something about words like sanctification or maybe even regeneration, but it’s unlikely he would have even heard the word propitiation. 4,993 more words


Census, Notes and Roots Magic

Reader Jay recently asked this question in email, saying:”In looking at your sample census citation for the 1850 Census, I see a nice summary of extracted information for the Lawton Wade household.

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The "Positive Good" of Slavery

John Calhoun, one of the staunchest supporters of states’ rights, was widely known for his view that slavery as a “positive good” in American society. 606 more words

Early Republic

‘Normal America’ Is Not A Small Town Of White People

“The sense that the normal America is out there somewhere in a hamlet is misplaced: it’s not in a small town at all. I calculated how demographically similar each U.S. 131 more words