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Western Region’s Top 10 Employment sectors

Census 2016 Summary Results – Part 2, included data on the number of people working in different sectors.  We’ll be publishing our first analysis of this data for the Western Region shortly, but in the meantime here’s a taster. 246 more words

Regional Development

Manufacturing won't bring workers to the Midwest

When Foxconn announced last month that it would build a factory in Wisconsin, the state’s governor hopefully renamed the county where it would be located—Paul Ryan’s district— 380 more words

TechCentral (Ireland): New website gives fresh view of Census 2016 data

TechCentral: New website gives fresh view of Census 2016 data. “Geographic information services provider Esri Ireland, Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) and the Central Statistics Office (CSO) have launched a new website that visualises statistical information gathered during the 2016 census….Data can be visualised in map form across 31 administrative counties, 95 municipal districts, 3,409 electoral divisions and 18,641 small areas.”

New Resources

The Revenue Gap: When Women Compete for Investors, Men Win

Many advocates for gender equality in the workplace point to the “wage gap” as evidence of structural misogyny in the free market. But there is another, less discussed disparity, and it’s about three times as big; the “revenue gap.” 655 more words


Browse for a Specific Chicago Address in the Census

Street addresses first appear on U.S. federal censuses in 1880 and every census year after that. To find a specific address you need to know the enumeration district (ED). 474 more words


Bloomberg: Act Now to Save the 2020 Census

Bloomberg Opinion: Act Now to Save the 2020 Census. “You may have missed the news that the head of the Census Bureau, John Thompson, resigned a few months ago. 35 more words


Podcast episode on race, ethnicity and the U.S. Census

I learned (or was reminded) that I am a Census geek when I got excited that one of my favorite podcasts,  Code Switch, recently did an episode on the Census called… 338 more words

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