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Health Insurance in the USA (Part 4)

The Census Bureau released data from the 2016 American Community Survey last week (September 12-14).

Here is the Bureau web page related to 2016 Health Insurance Coverage. 599 more words

More and more older Americans are slipping into poverty

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There was good news in the Census Bureau’s poverty report for most age groups in America. The data revealed one concerning trend, however: rising poverty among older Americans. 322 more words

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A President Who Actually Made America Great

How about that. In Obama's final year:

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Real median household income ⬆️… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

Cody Keenan (@codykeenan) September 12, 2017

Just announced: 2016 Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: …

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'Record median household income' is hiding a chilling fact

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One more thing about the new Census Bureau’s Income and Poverty report for 2016, which found to the great excitement in the media that median household income, adjusted for inflation (via CPI), rose 3.2% in 2016 to $59,039 – finally a tad above where it had been 17 years ago. 581 more words


The ABCs of Defining Metropolis

Maybe the sub-title to this blog post should be: “Welcome to the San Jose Bay Area!”

The US Bureau of the Census has been defining — and re-defining — metropolitan areas over the past… 1,471 more words

San Francisco's Latest Census Report

Sf.curbed.com just posted a piece that summarizes the results revealed in San Francisco’s latest census. The American Community Survey (ACS) provides an estimate on the latest population, income, and demographic makeup of San Francisco. 151 more words

San Francisco

Median Household Income in the SF Bay Area?

Question: What is the median household income in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area?

Answer: The 2016 estimate of median household income in the twelve-county San Francisco Bay Area is $91,234, according to the 2016 American Community Survey conducted by the US Census Bureau. 705 more words