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Health warning about the PCT

Transport planning has a biased focus on the commute, yet 80% of journeys are non-work journeys. It is therefore painful to see that a recently published tool (yes, yet another online tool!) has very little to say about this limitation. 590 more words


Why I didn’t Study journalism to learn maths

The last time we knew exactly how many people were living as citizens in SA, was in 1994. This is as far as getting close to being categorically authentic. 693 more words

How America Denies Education to People of Color in 3 Simple Steps

You ever wonder how we can easily use the educational system to systematically oppress people of color?  I hope not.  That would make you a terrible person.  586 more words

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Statistics Canada eyes the end of the short-form census

Other countries do this and makes sense, both from cost and accuracy perspectives. But complex transition:

The mandatory long-form census returned this year, a decade after it was last seen.

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StatsCan looking to go digital and ditch short-form census

OTTAWA – The mandatory long-form census returned this year, a decade after it was last seen.

If things go as planned, a decade from now the short-form census won’t be seen again. 636 more words


Problems using Urbanized Areas for comparisons over time

Since 1950, the Census has defined Urbanized Areas (UAs) as the contiguous, built-up areas of large urban settlements. These are areas with populations of 50,000 or more (though population of what has varied), including adjacent small areas (census tracts or blocks) that meet a minimum density threshold. 1,251 more words