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Teaser Tuesday: Any Way You Pump A Centaur 2

“Right, we’re going on a little holiday,” he said. “Jimmy says he knows a perfect place. We’re going.”

“Jimmy?” I started protesting.

Jimmy the centaur could reliably be said to be a bit of a banana skin. 312 more words


In Pursuit of Adventure: Exciting New Pieces for Band

by Ken Tilger, Band Education Specialist –

In pursuit of adventurous (and quality) programming, I’m thrilled to share these exciting new pieces for concert band.  Of course, they’re favorites of ours, but more importantly, they pass the “smell test” – they musically live up to their title and/or theme.  269 more words

Staff Picks

The December Energies Forecast.

This moon/month has shifted into Sagittarian energy.  YES!!!!   There is an energy of personal power at play here.  Many of us having been feeling drained, emotional,  even irritable from the Scorpio Moon cycle. 715 more words

New Moon in Sagittarius Reminder -- November 29th 2016

There is so much energy being expelled into the ether with the New Moon in Sagittarius that we all should take advantage of this Universal gift to put our thoughts, ideas, wishes, desires and affirmations down on paper so that they might be entered into the harmonic flow of the Cosmos where they will take hold and begin to manifest for you now! 216 more words

Astrology Notes

New Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon is New in Sagittarius Tuesday  at 4:18 a.m. Los Angeles time. What a difference a month makes! We could all use a fresh start and the Sag vibe is just the ticket to feeling renewed optimism and a commitment to truth. 116 more words

Half Man, Half Machine, All Centaur

A robot is going to steal your job. AI is only a handful of years away from being smarter than you. The bot uprising is coming to enslave or kill us all. 582 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Purgatorio XXIV - The Exemplars of Gluttony

Dante, Statius and Virgil are still on the terrace of gluttony. After having talked to the sinners they are reminded of those famous people that were punished because of their gluttony. 195 more words