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These creatures were born from the love of the Goddess of Hunting, Kytre (Kyteri-Nar).  The Horse Lords were dedicated to protecting the Elves, Faerie-kind and nature, and it was claimed that it they were so in sync with their mounts that many could not discern where the horse ended and the rider began.  504 more words


The Child

Back in Dolomia she was walking with a woman who told
her of a young girl who didn’t speak much, Luna wasn’t
interested, but after a while she remembered seeing a young… 50 more words


Flyber or maybe Airber?

Who’s flying your plane?

An app, a click and your ride is ready to whisk you off on your next vacation or business trip at the nearest airport…

220 more words

A bit more good news

Sometime last autumn, author friend Christine Haggerty pointed me in the direction of a story writing contest run by Dragon Knight Chronicles. The theme was Half-bloods, in the mythological sense of half human, half animal beings—the Minotaur for example. 119 more words


"The Girl with Golden Hair" in Beneath Ceaseless Skies

I have a new story in Beneath Ceaseless Skies today, “The Girl with Golden Hair.” I’m excited about this story for three main reasons:

1. I wrote a story about a friendship between a girl and a centaur. 236 more words