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Newest erotica: Any Way You Pump A Centaur

Newest release this time is all about the hot man-horse booty. Also a little about threesomes and hump-substitutes.

Maria is a tiny but plump hotel receptionist from London, UK. 118 more words


Jan Steen - Doctor's Visit

Dutch painters like Jan Steen (1626-1679) or Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) frequently hid a moral message in their paintings. Today most of us lack the familiarity with seventeenth century emblems. 310 more words


Teaser Tuesday: Any Way You Pump A Centaur

From Any Way You Pump A Centaur:

We were bouncing left and right on the small road, with Mike’s eyes glued to spotting the road sign when something ran from the bushes and just barely passed in front of the speeding car. 260 more words



Commodus as Hercules, also known as The Bust of Commodus as Hercules, is a marble portrait sculpture created sometime in early 192 AD . 752 more words


Book Review: Half-Man, Half-Horse, All Love - Mushroom Farmer & Unicorn Rancher

“No one ever said that the life of a fairy pixie mushroom farmer and unicorn rancher would be an easy one.”

Half-Man Half-Horse, All Love…

781 more words

Sandro Botticelli - Pallas and the Centaur

With a stern face the goddess Minerva pulls the centaur by his hair. She has no need of bit or bridle to keep him under control. 108 more words


Be the Centaur of Attention (Part Two)

One of the complements I keepĀ getting for my centaur costume isĀ the sculpting. It doesn’t look bulky or unnatural and it moves realistically. Not only does it look real, it feels real. 1,238 more words