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Start saving for retirement early, Canadians are living longer

WINNIPEG — Lots of candles were needed at a Winnipeg retirement home on Tuesday as three of their residents celebrated their 100th birthdays.

It was a big milestone for the residents, and one that Canadians will likely start celebrating more often. 116 more words


Secret no.51 Dancing naked in front of a mirror

This is a novel longevity secret in two ways: it’s not quite from a centenarian and it’s really a gentle dig at the whole idea of longevity secrets… 245 more words

Okinawa’s Longevity Lessons

This is an excerpt from Blue Zones: Lessons For Living Longer From The People Who’ve Lived The Longest by Dan Buettner.

Embrace an ikigai
Older Okinawans can readily articulate the reason they get up in the morning. 434 more words


Olivia De Havilland at 100

Fantastic list from the Nitrate Diva and now I want nothing more than to dive into these movies. I have been wanting to watch The Heiress… 67 more words


Reporting From the Field

“I am here at Big Tree Retirement Community with the world’s newest centenarian, that’s right, 100 years old, Beatrice Dodge,” rookie reporter Rylie Rogers began his human interest piece. 72 more words


Three Friends Celebrate Their 100th Birthdays Together

The Washington Post reported –

It’s not every day that someone turns 100 years old. And it’s really not every day that three childhood best friends hit the centenarian mark together. 107 more words

Meet the author: Kerstin Schweighöfer’s search for what really matters in life

Journalist and author Kerstin Schweighöfer became fascinated with centenarians at an early age. In the Bodensee area, where she grew up, she heard about a woman rumoured to be over a century old. 756 more words