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Secret no.30 Father Perrault: 'Living in Shangri-La'

In his 1933 novel Lost Horizon, James Hilton created the imaginary paradise Shangri-La where people live far longer than the normal human lifespan.

The book was turned into a… 464 more words

Secret no.29 Dr Ellsworth Wareham: 'Veganism'

If you want to live to 100, you probably hope to be like the remarkable Dr Ellsworth Wareham who retired as a heart surgeon just five years ago… 589 more words

Happy Halloween

During her visit to Atlanta, this 100-year-old Alabama resident participated in the Haints and Saints Halloween Parade in Decatur. When I asked whether I could take her picture, she and her driving companion insisted on getting the Chihuahua dressed in her costume for the shot. 15 more words


Secret no.28 Noeleen Hughes: 'Surviving the 1918 flu epidemic'

Noeleen Hughes, who died recently in New Zealand at the age of 102, survived the worst pandemic in human history.

The ‘Spanish Flu’ epidemic of 1918-19 was a genuine  334 more words

Oh, Those Golden, Centenarian Years!

I told this story before and it bears repeating.

The lessons in life with its many twists and turns has been an amazing journey. I often think: What legacy will I leave behind when I’m finished with this race? 391 more words


Secret no.27 Daisy McGhee: 'Chilli peppers'

Daisy McGhee lives in Ohio and at 100 years old remains a keen gardener, growing garlic, potatoes, parsley, onions – and jalapeno peppers. It’s to these that she credits her long life, according to local paper the Star Beacon. 310 more words

Reads of the Week #36

This week it’s self critical teachers, gathering the first hand truth of the Holocaust, the life and work of a Dublin centenarian Socialist, the history of Marxism today and finally a grim story of pre-teen sport. 100 more words