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This Oldest Centenarian Has Her Secret To Long Life Revealed!

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At 102, Paz Villa Cortez, a centenarian from Bauang La Union still got strong body and sharp memory.

Mama Paz as her known name is, came from Barangay Calumbaya, has 12 children and 50 grandchildren. 7 more words

Secret no.48 Cycling

Malaysian centenarian Daud Seman has a daily habit that marks him out from most 100-year-olds: he cycles to work every day.

“I travel some 1km daily from my village to the market where I sell tobacco to my regular customers, … 437 more words

BC woman celebrates Mother's Day with family one day before 108th birthday

On Sunday in Port Coquitlam, Alice Okerstrom’s extended family crowded her private care home room for a milestone Mother’s Day celebration. Okerstrom is not only a great-grandmother, she’s also turning 108 years old on May 9th. 212 more words


Myth busting – Part 4

Continued from Myth busting – Part 3

Myth: But longevity studies show that most 90 and 100 year old folks are vegetarians, right?

Truth: The truth is that in many longevity studies we see people in their 90s and 100s who ‘don’t eat much meat’ but that does not make them strict vegetarians. 1,093 more words


102-year-old Alberta woman has wedding band and other jewellery stolen

EDMONTON – A 102-year-old woman was robbed over the weekend while she slept in her home in southern Alberta.

Police said a sizeable amount of heirloom jewellery was stolen, including a unique golden wedding band, from the woman’s Black Diamond home. 42 more words


Probably the oldest person ever.

Wilson Daily Times, 20 January 1915.

Charity Harris‘ death certificate lists her age as 100, not 111.

Census records point to a birthdate in about 1830, making her in fact closer to 85 when she died. 129 more words


Malli Rembacz: One Hundred Fabulous Years and Counting

It’s a story that spans one century, three continents and one life.  The story of Malli Rembacz begins on April 4, 1916 in Cologne, Germany.  The latest chapter takes place on April 4, 2017 in apartment 4L of Cabrini Terrace.   900 more words