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Myth busting – Part 4

Continued from Myth busting – Part 3

Myth: But longevity studies show that most 90 and 100 year old folks are vegetarians, right?

Truth: The truth is that in many longevity studies we see people in their 90s and 100s who ‘don’t eat much meat’ but that does not make them strict vegetarians. 1,093 more words


102-year-old Alberta woman has wedding band and other jewellery stolen

EDMONTON – A 102-year-old woman was robbed over the weekend while she slept in her home in southern Alberta.

Police said a sizeable amount of heirloom jewellery was stolen, including a unique golden wedding band, from the woman’s Black Diamond home. 42 more words


Probably the oldest person ever.

Wilson Daily Times, 20 January 1915.

Charity Harris‘ death certificate lists her age as 100, not 111.

Census records point to a birthdate in about 1830, making her in fact closer to 85 when she died. 129 more words


Malli Rembacz: One Hundred Fabulous Years and Counting

It’s a story that spans one century, three continents and one life.  The story of Malli Rembacz begins on April 4, 1916 in Cologne, Germany.  The latest chapter takes place on April 4, 2017 in apartment 4L of Cabrini Terrace.   900 more words

Secret no.43 A big family

When Edna Owen turned 100 on Hawaii recently she celebrated it with five generations of relatives – three children, eight grandchildren, 16 great grand children, and 11 great, great grandchildren. 542 more words


Man is like a mere breath; His days are like a passing shadow.
Psalm 144:4
On the radio today, I heard some announcements.

Evidently, the station must encourage listeners to inform them of people who are 100 years old or more. 96 more words

Inspirational Photography

Extreme Longevity in 1700s – All Things Georgian

Today’s post has been written with our genealogy followers very much in mind and those who love nothing more than a good challenge. So, according to the government, health experts and others we’re … 8 more words

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