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Trending Chatter Thursday: Apple Watch Has a New Sex Toy, The Ladies of London Are Back, Lena Dunham Took Down a Photo and How to Live to 100


What can’t the apple watch do? If you wondered if it could help your sex life well yes, it may be able to help you with that too. 906 more words

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Japan Can't Afford to Give Centenarians Gifts Anymore Because There Are Too Many of Them

Every year on Senior’s Day, new Japanese centenarians receive a special sakazuki — a silver cup valued at around $64. But as the country’s population continues to grow, the Japanese government has realized that it simply can’t afford to be giving out such lavish gifts any longer. 137 more words

Frank Burany Turns 100 - “It’s just another day”

When your life experiences have included driving the Indianapolis 500 Speedway at 120 mph, flying a helicopter as one of your home town’s first traffic reporters, and munching on hot Hungarian peppers as a snack, few things will faze you. 989 more words

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Being Kind to a Centenarian (#BestOf)

(the Best of) A Year of Being Kind, Friday, August 14, 2015

Looking back, a year ago today, I wanted to remember a dear friend. 496 more words

'Key to longer life is three beers and a whisky chaser'

No surprise to see that another centenarian is extolling the virtues of alcohol as a longevity aid. Agnes ‘Aggie’ Fenton hit 110 this week in New Jersey and delighted the… 112 more words


20. Chocolate

Blogger Penny Walford recently wrote a touching piece about her great aunt Marie, who had died aged 106. Marie sounds a remarkable woman, who travelled the world in her youth by hitching rides on cargo ships. 507 more words

19. Mountaineering

Centenarian Nellie Sillitoe celebrated her 70th birthday by climbing Mount Snowdon in Wales. Nellie and her husband Reginald were keen mountaineers and climbed peaks in Austria, Italy and Switzerland – a pastime that son Richard, now 71 himself, gives credit for Nellie’s longevity. 529 more words