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Loneliness is the buzz topic at the moment. It’s been equated to heart disease and diabetes in terms of it’s seriousness. Time Magazine has commented on a recent study which predicts loneliness to be the next public health issue. 242 more words

I'm a Centenarian!

It’s not in my Trophy Case yet, but I’ve reached 100 followers of this blog! Thank you each so much for being one of them. I hope to keep you entertained for a long time to come!




Mrs. George is dressed in a tomato-red track suit, hospital-issued non-skid socks, and a pair of black leather clogs. She stands in her front yard between a large leaf-filled trashcan and a stool she has fashioned from an inverted five-gallon bucket. 1,697 more words


WATCH: 103-year-old Wisconsin woman graduates high school

It’s an achievement nearly 90 years in the making.

Centenarian Marie Hunt received her high school diploma Friday after dropping out of school 87 years ago to help take care of her eight younger brothers and sisters. 121 more words


Japanese centenarian beats 1500 meter swim record

Move over, Michael Phelps. This past weekend, Mieko Nagaoka became the first person over the age of 100 to complete a 1500 meter swim in a 25 meter pool. 77 more words

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Lady Day 100 Today

Today, April 7th, 2015 marks the 100th birthday of Billie Holiday.   #BillieAt100

Billie Holiday represents the foundation of women in music. Please listen to her voice and song today to honor her legacy. 15 more words


Inspirational Centenarians

On a recent visit to a nursing home to visit an ailing relative, my mom and I had a memorable encounter with one of the residents. 592 more words