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Why are centenaries of historical events of interest to the historian?

The hundredth anniversary of any event is often cause for celebration or attention. At the moment, World War I is receiving a great deal of attention in this respect, with the anniversary of its outbreak occurring last year and so every year for the next four, until 2018, will hold a centenary of something significant in that war. 742 more words

Short Essay

Edith Cavell

As the anniversary of the death of Edith Cavell approaches, Village Stories takes a look back at how a woman from a small Norfolk village became one of the most celebrated and commemorated individuals of the First World War. 275 more words


The British army in the Great War

Britain went to war on 4 August 1914, after the Germans invaded neutral Belgium. Units from the British Expeditionary Force were immediately sent to join their Allies in France. 289 more words


6. The enemy

N. Hill, VAD nurse
“As I spoke German, I was allocated to the wounded prisoners’ ward, with an armed guard at either end. I remember writing a letter dictated to me by a dying prisoner in German and he lay back dead as he finished it.” 565 more words

Battle Of Loos

5. Trench life

CSM Thomas McCall, Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders
“One day the water did not arrive. An officer’s servant came to me and asked if he could get some to make the officer’s tea. 665 more words

Battle Of Loos

The centenary project - UniCol

As this is the 100th post on this blog (that went fast!) I decided to write something with a centenary theme. The university’s centenary gift to itself in 1969 was the largest university residential college in Australasia: … 879 more words


4. The aftermath

J Chassar Moir, Cameron Highlanders
“We were relieved early on Sunday morning, after holding out against their repeated counter-attacks, and we were not out an hour when the lot that came in lost one of the trenches we had taken, and on Monday we had another charge and won it back. 413 more words

Battle Of Loos