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Fear/Smear tactics re-deployed against Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Coalition of Immokalee Workers

…to her credit, Florida’s Attorney General saw through the cheap public relations trick and declined to investigate a claim that funds were being diverted by an organization that never even comes into contact with the funds in question. 255 more words

from HumaneWatch-HSUS FAILS!!! The Beginning of the End of Them-YAY!!!

Woo-Hoo-Keep sharing and letting people know that the Humane Society is the worse thing that ever happened ‘for’ animals…HSUS is only concerned about it’s money…Don’t believe me-HA! 401 more words

PETA is an animal's worst friend


PETA is an animal’s worst friend

What? Yes, you read the title right. PETA is the worst friend an animal could have these days. Normally an organization takes its mission statement and tries to fulfill it. 533 more words

PETA Takes Heat over Claims it Killed 90% of Animals Dropped off at Virginia Shelter

Correction appended June 18, 2014.

Could it be possible that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) isn’t as animal-friendly as it claims?  The organization reportedly had to destroy almost 90% of all the animals dropped off at its headquarters in Norfolk, Va., in 2012, … 318 more words


Charity pet peeves on trial


Charity pet peeves on trial

The Issue: Donations that are used by charities like the ASPCA to file lawsuits against various defendants.


In response to Walter Olson’s assertion that the ASPCA is “not a vehicle for supporting local shelters and rescue groups” (“The Lawsuit Circus,” PostOpinion, Jan. 243 more words

National Humane Society donations have little local impact

Report: National Humane Society donations have little local impact

Many people thinking making donations to the national Humane Society organization will help local animals, but a report released Wednesday suggests that’s not true. 219 more words