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Teachable Opinions Get Confusing

When do you seek others advice or guidance on a decision or aspect of your life?

There is wisdom in being connected to people and in relationship with people to keep ourselves aware and in times where we are too close to a situation to be able to be objective in what is healthy, unhealthy or that would set us up for the best outcome in life. 678 more words

Spring 2018

Look at this list of classes you could be studying beginning February 6, 2018

Genesis (Greek for ‘Beginning‘) called Bereshith in Hebrew, meaning “In the Beginning”, the key to the entire Bible. 632 more words


Translate This!: “Why would I ever want to buy something called a ‘junk bond’?”

By: Julio Perez, Spring 2018 IAC Graduate Research Assistant

Finally, an investment concept with two names that both tell you pretty much everything you need to know about the security. 221 more words


Skiatook Arts Center

As a premier, nonprofit art gallery, Skiatook Arts Center’s work involves showcasing new and emerging artists alongside classic, well-established pieces. We are dedicated to benefitting arts education programs and community organizations. 7 more words

Skiatook Living

Cultivating Simplicity through Detachment

The first generation of Friends did not have a testimony for simplicity. They came upon a faith which cut to the root of the way they saw life, radically reorienting it.

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Spring 2018 IAC Interns Begin Work

The Investor Advocacy Clinic is back for another semester.  Our spring 2018 student interns began their work on January 13, 2018 with a full day orientation and boot camp. 109 more words


Translate This!: “I am nervous about purchasing so much fruit leather stock on margin.”

By: Julio Perez, Spring 2018 IAC Graduate Research Assistant

Now that we understand roughly how securities work and some different type of securities, let us discuss how to purchase securities. 197 more words