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Ohútkȟaŋ Origins No. 753

Learning a new language can seem a daunting task. But when the language is related to terms, phrases, and words in a known language it becomes easier.

For example:

coka (choh-kahn) = center


California Eating Disorder Recovery Center on Fast Food and Binge Eating

As obesity becomes a more prevalent health concern in our country, it’s not surprising that certain foods become vilified. Items that fall into the “fast food” category are among the most targeted. 105 more words

Teen eating Disorder Recovery Center Says Start Slowly When Exercising

Exercise in moderation is an important part of staying healthy, both physically and mentally. However for some people who suffer from an eating disorder, the need to exercise can become obsessive and can ultimately do more harm than good, becoming a form of self-punishment rather than enjoyment. 86 more words

Social Center within Senegal Links Local plus International Artwork

Thread is really a visually spectacular cultural middle in the Tambacounda region associated with Senegal. Toshiko Mori Architects’; design for your space contains 2 performer residences plus ample interior and outside areas for your community.
Action flows effortlessly…