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100 Days without Facebook

“Who are you avoiding?”

“Are you okay?”

“How are we going to contact you now?”

If you’re going to quit Facebook, expect these questions on Day 3 — or the day your friends will realize you’re not on Messenger and can’t be tagged on 9gag memes anymore. 727 more words

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Bagong Cristo

In a conservative country like the Philippines, tinkering with the image of Jesus Christ is usually taboo.

We are all familiar with the divine narrative – the begotten son of God was sent to Earth to save the world from sin, the man spends his three decades on Earth teaching, and is later persecuted and eventually sentenced to death. 706 more words

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One Light's Out

It’s been more than three months since his light was put out. That one light that lit up one dim moment of my life.

When I was in grade school, I barely had true friends. 570 more words


Birdshot: More than a Parable on Innocence

WARNING: This analysis has a few spoilers.

Filipinos face too much brutality that it feels as if we have already been desensitized by our society’s ills. 1,097 more words

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From the Sidelines of the War on Illegal Drugs

“’Yang mga drug adik na yan, dapat lang patayin ‘yang mga ‘yan, mga salot sa lipunan.”

“Bagay lang sa kanila ‘yan, patayin na ‘yang mga adik na ‘yan.” 960 more words


The Ten Commandments for the Millennials

Here are some insights that will help millennials live a better life.

1. Never discriminate people based on race, gender, religion, social status, and cultural beliefs. 464 more words

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CenterStage’s Kiss Me Kate

Hello from Turtle and Moose! Last night we went to see Kiss Me Kate presented by CenterStage. This is a great play presented with The Taming of the Shrew playing inside of it. 444 more words