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by Peter Straub

“The dark gained on them all.”

Our title character Julia, wealthy by inheritance and obsessed with her daughter’s death years before, retreats from her husband, Magnus, and buys a house where she plans to live by herself. 304 more words


Man Drowning

by Henry Kuttner

“The first step, I thought. After this I can’t go back. I’ve made the first move and it leads right on to the last.” 296 more words


R.A. Lafferty vol. 1 - The Man Who Made Models

by R.A. Lafferty

“A German of the last century stated that the generally bad design of eyes offered irrefutable evidence that God was a bungler.” 588 more words


The Bestiary

by Various Authors, Ann VanderMeer (Ed.)

“All the same, it may be maintained that since, at the time of Creation, the Creator was altogether lacking in prior experience in this sort of thing, all kinds of errors, actually, were made. 450 more words


House Centipede Control

Most people don’t like to admit having bugs or insects in their home but the truth is there are many homes in the US that have a centipede infestation problem. 721 more words


Atari Centipede Upright Restoration - Part 1

I picked this cabinet up a few weeks back (you can read about that adventure here). Upright Centipedes are lovely looking machines; the artwork is arguably the most iconic of Atari’s efforts from the early eighties. 1,020 more words