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Arcade Blanket

This is the project I really had in mind when I made the Tetris Blanket. Except back then, I didn’t have a stitch that was both small enough to give me some detail while still being perfectly square. 379 more words


O4. Earth Explodes

When she ate the centipedes, Nakayama’s mind connected to her Hurricane Planet. As her body combusted on the water world, on the Hurricane Planet she exhumed herself from the Mountain and brushed dust from her lab coat.  975 more words


O3. The Arms Race

Nemo followed the arm up the mountain for hours. Its bending, coiling movement unsettled him, but he vowed to keep watch lest the arm hurt his children. 1,123 more words


O1. The Egg with 1000 Yolks

Akayama glided through space toward her Hurricane Planet. She propelled herself with new organs which threw clouds behind her. These organs worked like the engines in her Zephyrs, which she’d developed after cracking the secrets of Jupiter’s spot. 959 more words


A Few Random Photos On May Day

Today I share a couple of random photos which were taken all around our home.

Photo #1) Title: Stout Shadow, Slender Insect.
A picture of a black insect on our wall. 212 more words

Animals & Insects

Wildlife in April

On the walk to Santa Catarina

Walking up the valley near home

It’s so fantastic to walk out from the hovel and see so much wildlife. 172 more words