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The Five Venoms Review 

This was the first time I saw a Shaw Brothers kung fu movie. I first heard about them from the Cinema Snob when he did the Crippled Avengers. 556 more words


Cinema Dispatch: Pixels

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Directed by Chris Columbus

You know, it’s actually not that bad.  2,427 more words

Cinema Dispatch

Centipede-ing along

This little guy appeared to me in a dream. It’s supposed to be a centipede, or my artistic version of one.
I did not know that centipedes have a poisonous bite, are the totem of Chiefs, and in China are viewed as the archenemy of the snakes and have served to warn and protect others from snakes. 117 more words


Giant Redheaded Centipede Photo Goes Viral, Horrifies the Internet

Giant Redheaded Centipede Photo Goes Viral, Horrifies the Internet.You don’t have to be a Kardashian to stand out on the Internet — all you need is at least 20 pairs of bright-yellow legs, a gleaming red head and venomous fangs. 52 more words


How times have changed. Who else misses this?

Hi there friends, I spend most of my time here talking about Mission Repair and the services that we offer – which is all about electronics. 322 more words

Mission Repair


Últimamente parecería que la herramienta del cine norteamericano de grandes producciones es apelar a la nostalgia para poder llegar al espectador y hacerle sentir algo durante un rato. 610 more words