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Wild Lives Around the House

Our liquidambar tree is a bit of an wild lives magnet. The birds come to visit during the day and, the possums, at night. It’s a good thing Talbot, our grey, is himself an animal lover. 103 more words



No-one should be fundamental anything.

Yeah but it still happens.

People will get excited about these sort of things

These people are off their trolley. 289 more words

Sssnake [Atari 2600] - Review and Let's Play

Besides Kangaroo, Sssnake was the other Atari 2600 game I used to take a break from the Sega Master System. It was developed and published by Data Age in 1982 and it wasn’t much fun. 229 more words

Video Games

Atari Centipede Upright Restoration 4

So we should now be in the home straight on the restoration of this Atari Centipede. What started as a “light restore” has turned into quite the job. 945 more words


Meet one of the oldest animals to inhabit the earth 


Yes! It’s the European House Centipede. Fossils have been found dating back more than 400 million year so it can definitely claim to be one of the oldest animals on earth! 340 more words