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Postgresql-9.3.x replicate synchronus

berikut adalah langkah-langkah untuk setup postgresql replicate

versi postgresql yang digunakan 9.3.4

Master server config

# vim /var/lib/pgsql/9.3/data/postgresql.conf

rubah lah beberapa variabel yang ada pada config tersebut seperti dibawah ini… 539 more words


mongodb-2.4.9 replicate with enable auth

to setup mongodb on replicate mode atleast you must have 3 servers as primary, secondary and arbiter , you can follow step by step on bellow to setup it… 421 more words


Install Log.io on CentOS 7

Log.io is a powerful real-time monitoring tool which allows users to watch the log files on their server through a web browser. It is powered by Node.js and socket.io and it is very easy to install on a Linux VPS. 11 more words

Configure Static IP in CentOs 6.6 Minimal on virtual box/vmware

You notice after installing centos minimal on a virtual box/vmware you will have no network access at all, the default dhcp client on the virtual box/vmware should be started using command “dhclient” only. 365 more words


Using Vagrant to Deploy an Amazon Web Services Image


I must admit that these posts are just as much for my record keeping as I hope they are helpful. I have not been a developer or DevOps practitioner traditionally, but I am quickly learning the benefits of incorporating their practices into my habits. 1,003 more words


CentOS 7 Server Configuration A-Z


1. Installation CentOS 7

2. Network Configuration

3. Proxy Export

4. SSH server

5. Apache

6. PHP

7. MariaDB/ MySql setup

8. phpMyAdmin

9. WordPress


Atomic Centos 7 in Vagrant

Deploy Atomic Centos 7 in Vagrant

I have decided to try out Atomic Centos 7. I am really impressed with the direction that CoreOS is going, however, as a long time RHEL/Fedora/CentOS user, I felt I should give them a go first. 223 more words