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2minionsontour backpacking escapades: what to wear, what to wear?

As we travel over the coming months, aside from writing about the places we visit, we want to document some of the backpacking experience we have; from the good, to the bad, to the ridiculous. 783 more words

South America

Trump, the Republicans and the Neo-Confederate Objective

It became very clear to anyone who was watching that in the lead up to the November 6th elections, Trump and his allies focused on two things: putting their hands on your wallets and, in order to do that, reinforce the idea that the USA is a white republic (and keep white people thinking about that and only that). 516 more words


Nov 16th, 2018: Honduran Migrant Caravan, Fact vs Fiction

While the spotlight on the migrant caravan from Honduras has dimmed, the LMC tries to shed light on what US corporate media missed or got completely wrong. 41 more words


Field Notes On Belize

August in Belize: it is the middle of a green season. You fall asleep to the rhythmic tapping of the rain on rooftops and awake to sunshine spells. 281 more words


The government is working on the economic slowdown.

Union of Chambers calls on government
to take action on economic slowdown

By A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Costa Rican Union of Chambers expressed its concern about the economic slowdown and the fiscal crisis in which Costa Rica is immersed, after the revelations of the State of the Nation. 497 more words

Copan Ruinas and an Update

It’s been almost two months since my last update: two months including two trips to Honduras, minor health issues (giardiasis anyone?) resulting from those trips, interviewing for jobs and starting a new job.   235 more words