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WHY has the Gold price NOT Risen exponentially - YET?

Central Bank Manipulations?

The reason Gold has not exploded yet, is because Gold as a physical asset, is undervalued in the West (in general), and highly valued in the East for historical reasons. 723 more words

Algorithmic Trading is the Only Reason Why Markets Keep Going Higher

Disclaimer– This article is for informational purposes and does not constitute financial advice.  Please consult with your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.  Please read full disclaimers  601 more words

Federal Reserve

Once more unto the breach

I very much regret that I have to carry on with my recent themes with some new emphasis on the clouds gathering over the US economy, albeit that relatively little news is actually due from there this week. 1,812 more words

Why Bonds Are No Longer a “Safe Haven," by Bill Bonner

Bond math is such that with interest rates as low as they are (in some instances negative) when they move up at all, the losses are quite painful. 466 more words

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Its Official: leading German Keynesian Economist calls for cash ban

David Stockman’s contra corner has many interesting posts in favour of free market policies in place of the centralised planning of neoliberalism. This one criticises increasing the power of central banks by abolishing cash. 931 more words