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US Dollar Bear Market: Three Reasons it can Continue

By Deb Shaw – Re-Blogged From Markets Now

  • Ex-US growth has been strong, and continues to strengthen
  • Fed rate hikes causing speed bumps, but expectations for tighter monetary policy are rising around the world…
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Global Debt Crisis II Cometh

By Mark O’Byrne – Re-Blogged From http://www.Silver-Phoenix500.com

Global debt ‘area of weakness’ and could ‘induce financial panic’ – King warns

– Global debt to GDP now 40 per cent higher than it was a decade ago – BIS warn – Global non-financial corporate debt grew by 15% to 96% of GDP in the past six years – US mortgage rates hit highest level since May 2014… 1,431 more words

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World Embraces Debt At Exactly The Wrong Time

By John Rubino – Re-Blogged From Dollar Collapse

Self-destruction usually happens in stages. At first there’s a binge in which the thrill outweighs the sense of transgression. 1,110 more words

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CryptoExchange DDOS attacks

In the old days we used to call it a run on the bank.


Fiscal in Risk

C. Rangarajan and D.K. Srivastava writes in Hindu on  how we are just kicking the can down the road and what risk it entails.

RBI and its high interest rate

Prem Shankar Jha (the wire) blames RBI for low growth in India. He specifically put the blame on SubbaRao and Rajan for sticking to inflation target and bringing down the growth. 293 more words

The Theory of Bitcoin Evolution

In the beginning there was the most simple life form.  The amoeba.  This simple organism propagates by splitting itself into two ad infinitum.  The result in Darwinian terms is quadrillions of living things.  40 more words