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Crime in Japan and the letter the parliament never read

The murder of 19 people in a disabled home by a 26yo worker has a sad twist. The perpetrator in February handed a letter talking of intent to euthanize patients To a politician but didn’t read the letter til today. 171 more words

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Banksters: A politician exposes the ugly truth

Every citizen of every country that supports central banks need to watch this. Only when people wake up in masses will there start to be positive changes. 6 more words


Gold to $10,000/oz?

I thought I was a bull with expectations of $5,000/oz but Jim Rickards, author of “The New Case for Gold”  thinks $10,000/oz price is conceivable and said, 221 more words


Why the money multiplier remains so low

George Selgin’s latest monetary policy primer was a very good explanation of the money multiplier in fractional reserve banking systems. He also suggested that a number of factors may be affecting the current surprisingly low level of the multiplier; a fact that prompted a number of endogenous money theorists to (wrongly) assert that the multiplier was ‘dead’. 86 more words

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s June 2016 Press Conference (Video)

Excerpt from June Press Conference with Chairwoman Janet Yellen:

“While the general picture of the labor market is largely positive, some people are still struggling. Unemployment rates rose more during the recession for African Americans and Hispanics than for the nation overall, and even though those rates have also come down by more during the economic expansion, unemployment remains higher for these groups. 65 more words

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