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Britain warned Ireland against 'opportunistic' Brexit attack on City - the Telegraph

This is an important read from the Telegraph. The article reports that Britain warned Ireland not to launch an “aggressive and opportunistic” campaign to steal business from the… 192 more words


If We Don't Change the Way Money Is Created, Rising Inequality and Social Disorder Are Inevitable, by Charles Hugh Smith

Charles Hugh Smith points out some of the many problems that render central banking unsustainable. From Smith at oftwominds.com:

Centrally issued money optimizes inequality, monopoly, cronyism, stagnation and systemic instability. 323 more words


Euro Surges On Draghi's "Three Messages," Dollar Eyes Janet, Yuan "Suddenly" Jumps

Boy, I’ll tell you what, if you’re a central banker and you’re going to say something in public about monetary policy, you better make sure you choose your words really fucking carefully, because this market is hyper-sensitive. 689 more words


Is A "Stubbornly Hawkish" Fed Trying To Fucking Kill Us, Or What?

Here’s a question a lot of people are asking on Monday:

Should I give a shit about plunging crude prices?

You’d think the answer to that for most investors would be “yes.” And unequivocally so.

730 more words
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What We Just Learned about Banking Union from Italy

The Italian government passed a series of decrees yesterday to allow Intesa San Paolo to buy the healthy assets of two small banks from the Veneto region – … 867 more words

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Cryptocurrencies Are Blowing Central Banks Out Of The Water - with Jeff Berwick

Josh Sigurdson sits down with Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante and Anarchast at the Red Pill Expo in Bozeman, Montana to talk about the growing popularity among cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and STEEM despite minor corrections. 76 more words

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3 C's: Crude, Carry, CPI And Your Full Week Ahead Preview

Ok, so it’s Sunday which, as we’re fond of reminding you, means that tomorrow will be Monday – right up until Trump does something that takes the whole of idea of there being a “tomorrow” off the table… 535 more words