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Of Cabbages and Kings

My reading habit had gone into recession for a while, as I searched for something to hold my wandering attention. It seems to have returned with a vengeance over the past month, as I rapidly devoured two not-too-slim volumes on state malfeasance in international economics and finance. 892 more words

Central Banks

Central bank independence before and after the Great Recession

Hereafter we report on the findings of a research carried out by Donato Masciandaro (Professor of Economics and Chair in Economics of Financial Regulation at Bocconi University) 1,329 more words



August has been a challenging month for Wall Street as the stock market continues its roller coaster ride. Financial pundits and political gurus have no shortage of opinions as to why this is happening either. 1,301 more words

New World Order

Thanks central bankers and economics shills, for pretending there is a free lunch

If a central bank sets interest rates too low, it encourages borrowing–boy that’s a tough one to understand.

Inflation is political theft by con men. … 49 more words


Opinion - China's economic woes extend far beyond its stock market | Michael Boskin | The Guardian - John Gelmini

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To believe Professor Michael Boskin’s prognosis, you would think that America, where he is based, had all the answers which it clearly does not because China, the country he is pontificating about holds much of America’s debt. 442 more words