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Central Banks on Trail

Howard Davies is sympthatic about Central Bankers.

His article in PS.

He states that in this century Central bankers have gone from zero to hero and now back on trail again. 548 more words

Only BoJ matters...

Back in September 2014, I wrote an article It is all about CBs where I showed different central banks’ balance sheet as a share of the country’s GDP, which I thought could help explain exchange rates better than some macro models. 431 more words

Global Macro

Whats wrong in negative rates

Joseph E. Stiglitz puts his views on negative rates in Project-Syndicate.

Bank, as we study in conventional economics are the intermediaries who transfers funds from savers to entrepreneurs. 183 more words

Why Kenyans rush to cash, when banks go bust

Just now, Kenya’s #CoopBankTradingScam is trending on Twitter, and already, people are touting cash as a safer option

“If #CoopBankTradingScam goes on I bet people will panic just like Chase Bank & withdraw their cash.

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Shock Finding, Bank Of Japan Is Now A Top 10 Holder In 90% Of Japanese Stocks

The latest shocking example of just how intertwined central banks have become in not only Treasury and corporate bond markets and their respective “valuations”, but also in stocks, comes courtesy of the Bank of Japan which days ahead of an announcement which may see it double its ETF purchases from the current JPY3.3 trillion to JPY7 trillion or more has just been revealed to be a top 10 holder in about 90% of all Japanese stocks! 1,051 more words

Market Commentary

Focus on US Federal Reserve, BoJ Meet; Corporate Results Will Guide Market Moves

The markets world over are under strain and that is likely to continue in the near future for the lack of a substantial trigger that propels them forward. 993 more words