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Aussie cash withdrawals from ATMs

Of course in Australia you can ‘tap & go’ in a growing level of establishments lessening the need to have cash in one’s wallet but the average of cash withdrawals from ATMs has been floundering for 7 years, which masks exactly a similar trend of credit card limits. 82 more words


Aussie Debit Card average monthly spending growth slowing YoY

In the previous piece looking at stagnating spending on credit cards and static credit limit growth for the past 7-8 years I checked whether the use of debit cards showed any trends. 83 more words


Jacob Rothschild is guilty for the conspiracy against humankind!

By Aleksandar Sarovic for Veterans Today

Many people do not believe that conspiracy exists. My interest in conspiracies arose when I found out that they exist in the case of the destruction of my homeland Yugoslavia. 7,443 more words


Guyana loses confidence in Barbados dollar

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – Guyana has lost confidence in Barbados’ monetary policy, hence the reason it suspended trading in the Barbados currency, a former Central Bank of Barbados (CCB) consultant has charged. 124 more words


My contribution "The World Has Changed, ..."

You will find below the link to an article, “The World Has Changed, and There Is a Need for Proactive Fiscal Policies” that was published in “International Banker” in the January issue. 100 more words

Monetary Policy

PBOC injects CNY10BLN in Rev. Repos

The People’s Bank of China injected CNY10 billion via seven-day reverse repos at open-market operations Wednesday, it said. It added another CNY110 billion via 28-day reverse repos.

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The Swiss central bank turned a record-setting loss into a massive profit

If 2016 was a bad year, somebody forgot to tell Switzerland’s central bank. It expects to report a profit of 24 billion Swiss francs ($23.6 billion) for 2016, one of its… 268 more words