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Too much debt, too little growth and too low interest rates

Vivek Kaul

The financial crisis that started in September 2008, after the Wall Street investment bank Lehman Brothers, went bust, led to the economic growth stagnating in large parts of the world. 949 more words


A severe commentary

Plenty of commentaries have remarked on the very low inflation numbers out this morning.

None (that I have seen) has highlighted what a severe commentary these numbers are on the Reserve Bank’s conduct of monetary policy over the last few years. 1,699 more words

Reserve Bank

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I don't place much weight on criticisms of forecasting errors. If someone is any good at forecasting the economy, they would be fabulously rich through trading on their own account rather than working in a central bank. The fact that Reserve Banks can't forecast with any greater accuracy than anybody else is a bit of an indictment considering they have inside knowledge of the future course of monetary policy. By the way, I wrote my masters sub thesis on official forecasting errors.

Are we ready for a rate rise in the UK?

In a bid to prepare the financial markets for a possible interest rate rise in the near future, BoE governor Mark Carney commented that it is likely that interest rates might rise by the end of this year or early next year. 354 more words


21st Century Capitalism Subverting Democracy, Says Top Investment Manager

Financial system failing; real problems of climate, environment, resource limitation, and looming food shortages ignored; long-term consequences never considered; rising inequality; a rewards system that stops the market from behaving rationally; democracy ineffective against the influence of the financial elite. 613 more words


The Times they are a Changin’ — Rothschild Banker Actually Indicted for Illegal Banking Activities

He’s been indicted, but will he actually stand trial? They have to find him, first. -LW

Baron David de Rothschild was recently indicted by the French government after he was accused of fraud in a scheme that allegedly embezzled large sums of money from British pensioners. 546 more words


Central Banks And Our Dysfunctional Gold Markets

Many investors still view gold as a safe-haven investment, but there remains much confusion regarding the extent to which the gold market is vulnerable to manipulation through short-term rigged market trades… 1,522 more words

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