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What "Exit Door?"

By Bill Holter – Re-Blogged From http://www.Gold-Eagle.com

Often times I like to write about an event or someone else’s article because of the importance to the overall picture.  1,286 more words

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An Economic Hit Man Speaks Out: John Perkins on How Greece Has Fallen Victim to "Economic Hit Men"

Thursday, 11 September 2014 00:00 By Michael Nevradakis, Truthout | Interview 

“My sin was ripping off people around the world,” said John Perkins, author of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man,” at Transitions Bookplace in Chicago, on February 3, 2006. 226 more words

Solutions for Greece - Bitcoin and George Galloway?

Greece has spent a lot of other people’s money, and now those people want it back. The country teeters of the brink of bankruptcy, with the not too nice bailiffs from Merkel, Draghi, Schaube & co knocking at the door. 517 more words

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Iran Repatriates 13 Tons of Gold Under Sanctions Relief

VIENNA—Iranian officials said Monday that the Islamic Republic’s Central Bank has successfully repatriated 13 tons of gold as part of a package of sanctions relief provided to Iran by U.S. 480 more words


Greece: The Five Possible Paths Forward

Greece is poised between remaining a member of the eurozone or leaving it. In fact, as WSJ’s Stephen Fidler explains, there are five possible future currency arrangements for Greece… 282 more words


Greek Domino falls, China moves in to pick up the pieces

Benjamin Fulford June 29, 2015

So, it has finally happened, Greece has shut down its banks and imposed capital controls. And so the dominoes start to fall.

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Who is shoring up markets?

So global markets considered the Greek event with a one day sell off. Slight correction and all is well again.

China is no longer in correction mode with the Shanghai index gaining more than 5% overnight. 134 more words