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Madras is not a Cycling town...yet.

Urban cycling is a new experience for me so its nice to figure it all out in a small place.  I’m probably the only person that would ever consider riding my bike in Madras to be anywhere in the realm of an urban cycling experience, but in my past life the nearest traffic light was over 5o miles away, so give this one to me, k? 510 more words

Central Oregon

Follow Your Food: Thai Chicken Larb

In my last post I talked about how food is a vehicle to connect with culture outside of our own, and did a recipe on Thai Red Curry to bring some eastern flavor into our Kitchen, and the curry was just awesome. 834 more words


The Hometown Pride Project (please join!)

We almost missed out on discovering (& moving to) Madras because of social media.  I knew we would end up somewhere in Oregon, but had never actually been here, so I turned to the best local  authority i knew, facebook. 320 more words

Central Oregon

Spring in Central Oregon

While everyone says that fall is the best time to be climbing, I say that “rock”tober is overrated because during the spring you can climb AND botanize! 649 more words


Waist Deep In Oregon

| November – December 2016 |

The winter came in a most relentless sort of way. By late November, we were being chauffeured out the field area via snowcat. 64 more words


Zen Yardening & The Battle of the Dandelions

I have never keep a yard before.  I mean I’ve had a yard, I’ve planted things in it and made sure people could tell the difference between the yard and the surrounding woods, but I’ve never really taken the time or understood the pleasures of “yardening” (yardwork / gardening) until I moved to Madras. 392 more words

Central Oregon