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My Story

Grab a cup of coffee and have a seat.

I’ve been heavy forever. I was a chunky kid, a fat teenager, a really fat college and grad school student. 744 more words


Dreamin' of Summer

Sometime in early January, when all the hustle of the holidays is over, there is a downward turn in the spirit. It feels as if we may not ever see the sun again. 180 more words



Well y’all it’s that hilarious time of year that one newscaster referred to as “FSA” – False Spring Alert! Basically for those who don’t live in the Northwest, we get around a week in February that’s unseasonably warm, causing people to preemptively do things like plant too early in the garden, pull out the BBQ (any excuse!), and where white folks are seen wearing shorts that expose pasty winter legs. 573 more words


Taking A Leap

In honor of 2016 as a leap year and February as the month when all the calendar leaping occurs, I want to share a time when I took the biggest physical step of my life. 90 more words

Crash Landing in Central Oregon

| September 2015 |

The car doors shut with an echoing thud that shattered the silence and raised the hair on my neck. Erin and I exchanged an unsettling glance.  320 more words