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Rabbit Ranch 2015 Pinot Noir

Light Grenat colour, it has aromas of ground forest, sweet cherry, oak and raspberry. 38 more words


A Walk in Wanaka

Lake Wanaka is just over an hour’s drive from Queenstown and is home to the township of Wanaka. Day trips to this neighbouring town were a highlight of my time on the South Island. 725 more words

Frickles Mistress 2015 Pinot Noir

I was very dubious at first because of that label, all changed when I opened the bottle. 60 more words


2011 Auburn (lowburn) Riesling 11.5%

This is a sibling of the Auburn Bannockburn Riesling tasted recently. Not surprisingly, it’s similar, but not identical.

From a sub-region of Central Otago, in a screwcapped crazy-tall bottle, the wine is pale in colour. 70 more words

被遗忘的火车路 (上)

我们打消寻找樱桃工作的念头之后,下一站目的地是Timaru。从Alexandra到Timaru主要有三条路线,其中两条路线都会绕回我们之前从基督城南下所行驶的8号公路,各别是Alexandra-Omarama-Waimate-Timaru (299KM)和Alexandra-Omarama-Tekapo-Timaru (308KM)。距离我们下份工作Apple Thinning的开工日还有七天,加上我们想要多了解南岛中部的淘金历史,于是我们决定取道较为冷门的第三条路线,即Alexandra-Ranfurly-Moeraki-Oamaru-Timaru (328KM),而这一条以85号公路为主的路线刚好穿插经过部分Otago Central Rail Trail的小镇。

Otago Central Rail Trail官方中文名为 “奥塔哥中部铁路自行车道”,这一段从Middlemarch(1891)连接至Clyde(1907)全长152公里的铁路,历经16年才修建完毕。铁路开通的年代,最初的淘金热已成为历史,大部分的矿工们早已奔向纽西兰南岛西海岸或澳洲维多利亚的金矿。当地的金矿开采在十九世纪末已然式微,但其所带来的经济效益依然持续发酵,铁路的完成因而再次促进火车站周边小镇的发展建设。

然而,运行了将近一个世纪的铁路,在1990年最后一趟火车从Clyde出发至Middlemarch后,面临永久停驶的命运。隔年,铁轨无可避免被拆除的结局,只剩下火车站留守原地。后来,纽西兰的环境保护部(Department of Conservation, 简称DOC)与奥塔哥中部铁道信托会 (Otago Central Rail Trail Trust)合作,在2000年把这一段被遗忘的火车路推广为适合徒步、骑马和骑车的车道,为沉寂的小镇带来生机。 47 more words


Shania Twain and the Seven Witches of Wanaka

Date: 19-20 November 2016
Distance: 12km

A lovely, sunny day to start off with.

A South Island Oystercatcher.

Following the Fern Burn river up the shadowy valley. 1,259 more words

Hikes & Tramps

Roaring Meg

Date: 17-18 November 2016
Distance: 14km

Starting off on a working farm crossing a paddock …

… and some streams …

… before reaching the 4WD track up the mountain. 1,700 more words

Hikes & Tramps