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Gimme-gimme Golfball

Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Central Phoenix

The Central Phoenix neighborhood I grew up in had its fair share of characters. It would not be inaccurate to say that we were a virtual pantheon of the idiosyncratic. 853 more words

Spiritual Encouragement


There was a certain feeling of nakedness and vulnerability that came with being the only visible white person within several blocks…who was also standing on the second-floor landing of an outside staircase in front of a faded and worn, black security door and having an invisible dark-brown voice coming out from somewhere on the other side of the door telling me that I needed to leave…telling me that I needed to go, to be gone, to be absent, to be somewhere else…anywhere else…and away. 738 more words

Thoughts From/of Work

Generational Portraits (Phoenix Family / Portrait Photography)

On my most recent trip to Phoenix, I had the honor of, for the second time, making generational portraits for long-time friends and clients, Ben and Sarah. 355 more words


Instagram Favorites: Round 17

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We Are On Your Side

How often do people start the New Year with a goal to eat healthier? For whatever length of time it lasts, we applaud your effort. Though it makes us sad to see people deprive themselves of perfectly good dessert, we try to be supportive. 152 more words



Ghetto superstar, that is what you are.
Comin’ from afar, reachin’ for the stars.
Run away with me, to another place.
We can rely on each other, uh huh. 7 more words