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Resiliency - what is it? What does it mean?

Resiliency – What is it to me?

As I struggle through the hardest few months of the PhD so far, I’m cranky and tired. The field season is the most fun and the craziest time. 984 more words

Wild Things: A case for bear spray in early research findings

It’s the perfect time of year for a refresher course on grizzly bear safety, but this one is backed by some new research.

Sarah Elmeligi, a former conservation planner turned PhD candidate, has… 346 more words

Local News

Surfing Day 1

I was supposed to be in Cairns today. This would have been my second day there, but cyclone Nathan decided to come by and mess everything up. 665 more words



I’m a linguistics major. That means I love words. A lot. Like, excessively. I’m pretty much the biggest nerd when it comes to my major. I want to be a professor someday so I can talk about and do research on linguistics every day. 610 more words


"There are a million species in Australia, and most of them want to kill you."

I have a new fear: jellyfish. Before I left, I figured most people would worry about sharks here. If Shark Week has taught us anything, it’s to not go to Australia. 814 more words


Australia Resolutions

Okay, so I’ve always hated New Year’s resolutions. I instantly dislike anyone who says, “New year, new me,” and January 2 of every year I’m in a bad mood because there’s someone else on my elliptical who shouldn’t be (but at least they’re usually gone within a few weeks). 622 more words


Key Concepts


Based on my understanding of the annual reports by Ellex 2011 to 2014, I believe the key concepts are as follows:

  1. I think Ellex medical lasers is a specialised company focusing on the medical industry, with a very high level of competition in the market.
  2. 425 more words