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lane changes and birthdays

You know that funny knobby thing on the left hand side of the steering wheel in your car? Do you know what it is? Do you know what’s very special purpose is? 414 more words

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in the neighborhood and beyond

Doesn’t it seem like just last week we were shocked, sad, mad and talking about another horrible act of foreign or domestic terror? Oh yeah. We were just talking about such an abominable thing. 537 more words

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because we're like that

I’m thinking of getting a new tattoo.

Of what?

The family coat of arms.

The WHOLE thing?

No. Just the lion with the spear…

With the impaled severed head. 57 more words

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music, discovery, unexpected and adulting stuff

Coachella is underway and…

I am enjoying vicariously while running errands and waiting in the school pickup queue…parents and students you are very welcome for the awesome that is… 137 more words

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putting up with the rain

Remember when I bought myself a sweet pair of rain boots and predicted the possible end of El Niño? Sometimes I hate it when I am mostly right because given the bright, sunshine-y days and the fact that my favorite son put away his jeans and sweat pants and pulled out his shorts, it would seem that our El Niño sputtered and faltered… 105 more words

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possibly the end

Years ago during what was maybe an El Pequeño Niño, I gave birth on a windy, rainy, blustery evening. Having as many kids as I do the odds had to be in my favor at least once that this would happen. 429 more words

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