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Jesse explains wildfire relief needs

People across the state are eager to help victims of the central Washington wildfires.  I’ve learned there are three separate needs.  The immediate is food, water and shelter.   227 more words

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Real-life Rochambeau: Bullet beats Rock

On February 10 in Pasco, WA a Hispanic man entered into a high-stakes rock-paper-scissors tournament with police officers. Antonio Zambrano-Montes, the victim of the police shooting, chose a rock as his weapon of choice. 322 more words


Carlton Complex One year On

Hopefully we won’t repeat this one… I spent six and a half hours hiking through some of the unburnt part of the Methow on Saturday. I would like to see it stay unburnt for a while.

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Hike #17: Umtanum Canyon

Hike #17: Umtanum Canyon
Mileage: About 3-4 roundtrip.
Elevation Gain: Negligible.
Participants: Anna and Clare

Back in early April we drove out to Central Washington and hiked along Umtanum Creek. 60 more words

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There's a Reason We Called Them a "Dynasty"

When Catie Benson stopped by the Hintz Family Alumni Center a couple of weeks ago to pick up a box of our May/June issue, I asked her about preparations for her final collegiate rugby game. 217 more words

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Drive By Barns...

You know how it goes…when you see something that would be cool to take a photo of you are on a direct mission to your destination. 173 more words