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What TECHNOLOGY enables Bitcoin to rxist?

Bitcoin works thanks to the technology that underpins it — blockchain, a digital ledger, where transactions are recorded in chronological order for the public to see. 21 more words



Be careful when reading and listening to mainstream media in regards to Future Regulations in the Cryptosphere. They spread FUD daily and often times blame Bitcoins volatility on Fear of Regulation. 113 more words


Blockchains early use cases

Blockchain using cryptographic method is a string associated with the generated data blocks, each data block includes information bits of a currency transaction network, for verifying the validity of the (security) and which generates a block information. 154 more words


Why Cryptocurrencies won't replace fiat and our centralized system

Although I am a big fan of Cryptocurrencies and am invested in them, I do not hold the view that many Crypto enthusiasts hold that it will soon replace and obsolete our currencies banking/economic system and usher in an area of decentralized currency for the world. 310 more words


Wireless Controller Extinction?

Recently I was reading an article from one of the many controller-less WLAN vendors that brought up the topic of WLCs being a thing of the past. 1,098 more words


Blockchain: How the New Kid on the Block will Uproot the Archaic Banking Institutions and Revolutionize the World

The only reason money has value is because we believe it has value. The U.S. currency, once backed by Gold, is now backed by the Federal Reserve. 1,051 more words