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Wireless Controller Extinction?

Recently I was reading an article from one of the many controller-less WLAN vendors that brought up the topic of WLCs being a thing of the past. 1,098 more words


Blockchain: How the New Kid on the Block will Uproot the Archaic Banking Institutions and Revolutionize the World

The only reason money has value is because we believe it has value. The U.S. currency, once backed by Gold, is now backed by the Federal Reserve. 1,051 more words


Net Neutrality and Cryptocurrency

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“What would happen to Cryptocurrency if Net Neutrality were repealed and Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) were able to reduce speeds, effecting crypto transactions and use?” This is a great question and has come up quite often. 549 more words


Decentralization: why is it important?

The most common definition for Bitcoin would be “A Decentralized digital currency to transfer funds over the internet”. What is decentralization? Why is centralization bad? 554 more words


Telegram kế hoạch tạo Blockchain riêng và tiền điện tử mới

Telegram, đã thông báo kế hoạch tung ra nền tảng Blockchain của riêng mình và tiền điện tử mới.

Nhiều nguồn đã nói rằng Mạng lưới Telegram mở (Telegram Open Network hay… 384 more words

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Can Blockchain-based Cryptobanks Overtake Centralized Competitors?

For a long time, cutting-edge technologies have comprised the flagship achievements of the centralized banking systems across the globe both economically and socially. The technology behind credit cards and online payments have driven business performance, revenue and customer ease-of-access. 6 more words



Everyone who will read this will agree how much important data is. It is said that “After God believe in data” and for any company whether it be a manufacturing company or FMCG or any small or micro business, the backbone of its existence is the data and legitimacy is understood how authentic that data is. 669 more words