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Our Galaxy near the centre of concentric spherical shells of galaxies?

On the fourth day God created the Sun and the Moon and by inference the rest of the solar system. He had already created Earth on the first day. 3,810 more words

John Hartnett

“I believe that at the center of the universe there dwells a loving spirit who longs for all that’s best in all of creation, a spirit who knows the great potential of each planet as well as each person, and little by little will love us into being more than we ever dreamed possible.

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Does the world revolve around you?

We are taught not to be self-centred, to not be selfish. At the heart of most mainstream religions there is this central tenet, to be good, by not being selfish, by being considerate towards others. 611 more words

Self Perception

Bend It Like Bamboo

I can teach you how

You may kowtow;

Or slice carps or mullet

As an expert;

If you be a traveler

Survival skills I can impart; 75 more words

Benny Thomas

where is the centre of universe !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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First, it’s important to know that the big bang wasn’t an explosion of matter into empty space—it was the rapid expansion of space itself. 195 more words

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