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Centre Your Heart

There are days when I feel so scattered and over-whelmed.

Hours of turmoil as thoughts and ‘what ifs’ swirl through my head in a never ending circuit. 87 more words

It's just a matter of looking chaos right in the eye and telling it to F off

I’m not the biggest fan of 2-hour a day gym sessions and it has taken me a long time to find out how I want to keep fit. 605 more words


Broadening your horizons

There is a new trend that has been taking off recently in the Australian performing arts industry – Listening to your audience! This audience-centred idea has been a missing piece in the mix for a long time and, alongside the current focus on future sustainability of these entertainment mediums, the audience is coming back to the front. 401 more words

Was that a hobbit I saw disappearing in the undergrowth.

I had an idea this week to go exploring and so it was that I headed out to a spot called Mt Franklin. When I parked my car I was the only person their so I followed the signs to the trail. 473 more words

Accepting Each Moment

My last post was about accepting life in order to change. I would like to delve a little deeper into the practice of acceptance using some strategies and ideas developed by Rick Hanson whose ‘Foundations of Wellbeing’ course I am currently undertaking. 349 more words


That is how the light gets in....

It is still quite dark in the mornings now when I get up at 4:30am. Riley and I made our way to the beach this morning with the remnants of storm clouds hanging overhead the light was quite amazing. 548 more words


Following my previous projects, where I had constantly thought I was not getting enough done and that I wasn’t going to hit deadlines, I thought a vital part of this semester would be my organisational skills. 179 more words