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This week we focus on images that, with a healthy disregard for the rule of thirds, are intended to be placed in the middle of the frame: to be literally the centre of attention. 116 more words


November 1 is here.... and the sea is calling my name.

November 1 2015 how did we find ourselves here..

The year has slipped by, time does that when you are not paying attention. It has been a time of events that make me reflect on my mortality. 193 more words

A Personal Account of Recovery from Mental Health Struggles

With last week being Mental Health Week and World Mental Health day celebrated last weekend it got me reflecting on my own struggles with mental health and wellness and more recently my own healing. 892 more words


How may I (actually) help?

Dear Light of all Life, how may I help?

I recognise now that the last 25 years or so were tests of initiation (The Light Shall Set Your Free, Ch13). 282 more words

Branches, dancing

It was the shadow of fuschia branches outside my window playing in the sunlight on the wall that brought me back into myself this morning. 41 more words

I found TEA.

So it’s been three days since classes actually started (which means the last time I posted something it was on Monday) and so far I’m both loving AND hating it. 445 more words