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Crazy about Century!

If you’re scared of designing with color– I’ll save you some time …. stop reading now. The bold, beautiful colors in the Century Highpoint showroom were show-stoppingly AMAZING! 55 more words

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Here’s Why We Are The Finest Luxury Furniture Store In Costa Mesa

There’s a reason why customers with good taste turn to von Hemert Interiors for fine furniture. They acknowledge not just our long history with classic furniture… 26 more words

Interior Designers Share Their Favorite Pieces of Furniture

What’s a Designer Featured Piece? We posed this question to some of our expert interior designers, asking them to choose a piece of furniture and tell us why it was their favorite. 27 more words

How Interior Designers Can Make A Difference In Your Newport Beach Home

When choosing expert advice to improve the design options for your home, you should know the differences between the various services available. Knowing these differences can help you to determine which services offer the best value and results for your investment over the coming months. 41 more words

Interior Designers and Decorators Can Bring Homes To Life

Here’s what separates good interior designers and decorators from the great ones: The ability to define the personality of any space they are working with.  By personality, what we at  35 more words

Century Furniture Defines What Real Luxury Means

Luxury furniture, like the options created by von Hemert Interiors, occupies pride of place in homes where owners appreciate the joy that only a well-crafted piece of furniture can evoke. 32 more words