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Progressive metal is an interesting beast. While a lot of the metal genre prides itself on heaviness, brutality, and speed, prog likes to use advanced songwriting and tight-knit musicianship in order to create unique and interesting music. 446 more words


Album Thoughts | Tribulation: Down Below

What do you get when you take the riff-fuled fury of Watain, the Melodic finesse of At the Gates and the gloomy catchiness of Sisters of Mercy, add in some sacrificial virgin’s blood, put it all on an altar and read some Necronomicon verses? 812 more words


Death Alley - Live at Roadburn (2017)

Death AlleyLive at Roadburn (Tee Pee Records, 24 February 2017)

Hey, have you heard the news — the Netherlands’ biggest annual hard rock party… 499 more words


ORPHANED LAND - Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs

Many metal bands nowadays lack something major that some of us enjoy and that is a strong message. Orphaned Land has always stood behind their political and moral views and five years after All Is One, the Israeli progressive metal act have returned with another strong presentation of peace, hope, unity and recognition of what this world lacks. 219 more words


Skeletal Remains - Devouring Mortality - Album Review

Artist: Skeletal Remains

Album Title: Devouring Mortality

Label: Century Media Records

Date Of Release: 13 April 2018

There is literally no room for polite introductions here, because Skeletal Remains are on a mission; a mission to bludgeon us into bloody submission. 1,037 more words

Extreme Metal

Album Description: Oceans of Slumber-The Banished Heart

On the second day of March, under the supervision of Century Media, threw the band their new album, The Banished Heart, on the store shelves. The band talked about that earlier: 429 more words


NECROPHOBIC - Mark Of The Necrogram

Stockholm, Sweden’s extreme metal band Necrophobic have returned to the fiery depths after being in the darkest shadows for approximately five years and are back full force to create a album that’s punishing and torturous. 333 more words