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Mid Resolution Optical Land Surface Imaging Satellite Systems

– MR optical LSI sat systems are space borne land remote sensing systems that image the earth’s land surface in visible, near-infrared, shortwave infrared and thermal infrared wavelengths – spacial resolutions: 10 m – 100 m… 102 more words

Terrestrial Monitoring

More on CEOs - sometimes faces alone tell the story

Here’s an interesting WSJ article on CEOs shaking up health care .

It’s about two CEOs who are pursuing giant mergers with other health insurance companies, which, if successful, will significantly reduce what competition there is left in the industry. 150 more words



Cash Money Records Co-CEO Birdman is suing Jay Z music streaming company Tidal for $50 million because of the streaming of Lil Wayne’s “Free Weezy” album. 163 more words


WILLIAM GALSTON: Hillary Gets It Right On Short-Termism

Wall Street Journal — Too many CEOs ignore long-term performance, to the economy’s harm.

Whatever one may think about her policy proposals, Hillary Clinton has put her finger on a real problem: Too many CEOs are making decisions based on short-term considerations, regardless of their impact on the long-run performance of their firms. 60 more words


JAMES FREEMAN: Hillary Blames Business

Wall Street Journal — But don’t worry. Mrs. Clinton has a plan to ‘save capitalism.’

In year seven of the Obama presidency, where can Democrats lay the blame for slow growth in jobs and wages? 81 more words


Blogging Challenge 20: Love, Lies, and Minimum Wage

This past week I’ve spend a considerable amount of time talking to other people about the new $15 minimum wage that New York State has passed for all workers in the fast food industry who work for a franchise, which consists of a minimum of thirty stores (so McDonalds, Burger Kings, Arbys, Wendy’s, Taco Bell’s, etc.). 2,661 more words


Marketing Moves to Center Stage

In previous generations, marketers have been thought of as “lead generators” for the sales department. But recent research into how corporate CEOs view the role of marketing reveals that now, more than ever, marketing is perceived to be strategic to a company’s success. 371 more words