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حلول حقيقية بإمكان القطاع الخاص                                 Real Private Sector solutions

كثيرًا ما نسمع من الحكومة أن القطاع الخاص يجب أن يساعد في إيجاد حلول لمختلف التحديات في المجتمع، أي أن الأعمال التجارية يجب أن تملأ الفجوات التي لا تتمكن الحكومة من توفير الخدمات لها، وبطبيعة الحال فهذا استدلال غير مباشر إلى الخصخصة وتوسيع الشراكات بين القطاعين العام والخاص.


ICYMI: Companies Take a Hit When Declining a Good Takeover Bid

Yahoo has been making headlines recently with stories about its troubling performance, and many have begun speculating that the company is failing at its attempt for a turnaround. 586 more words

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The first step to being a superboss is a good dose of empathy

For every Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, there’s a Ken Lay or Martin Winterkorn—disgraced CEOS best known for immersing their companies in scandal. What qualities are distinctive to these failed leaders? 797 more words

A Final Trait of Ethical Leaders

We have looked at several traits of ethical leaders. The final trait has as much to do with what ethical leaders don’t do as much as it relates to what they do. 121 more words

Business Ethics

The "Perfect" Smart Guide Metaphor

In our book, The Power of Peers: How The Company You Keep Drives, Leadership, Growth & Success, we talk about the value of the “smart guide” who essentially serves as the servant leader of a CEO Peer advisory group.  416 more words


The experience CEOs want to see in every new hire

If you ask a group of high-flying CEOs about the most important qualities they look for in job candidates, you might expect to hear things like experience, decisiveness, or creativity. 458 more words

10 ways effective CEOs increase their Talent ROI

10 ways effective CEOs increase their Talent ROI


  1. Have an up-to-date Strategic Plan

Lack of a strategic plan is like planning a journey without knowing the exact destination or having a map to help you get there. 776 more words

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