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PQ and CQ and Questioning in my CEP 812 Final Reflection

It is important for everyone to explore what they are curious about. Eventually you will stumble upon what your passions are. Inter-mixed with that will be a never ending process of why, what if and how questions (Berger, 2014). 302 more words

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What Can We Do To Solve This Wicked Problem?

Every problem has a solution. Do you believe that? What about a wicked problem? You know, those problems that are so complex, have a multitude of variables and ultimately are hard to solve. 891 more words

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Wicked Problem Survey

After creating so many questions during last week’s quickfire, one question immediately stood out to me. Personally, it is a question that I think about in my own school. 276 more words

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Sorting Out My Questions...Sketchnote Style

This week was my first time making a sketch-note style video. I had seen creations by other MAET faculty, but I had not tried one until now! 230 more words

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Are You a Questioner?

I would definitely consider myself a questioner and one of the more outspoken teachers in my school. I usually ask the questions in a one-on-one setting or with my content team, but rarely question during a staff meeting. 600 more words

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An ill-structured problem: Dyslexia

Imagine looking at a book or a computer screen and all of the letters are transposed or mis-shapen, and the words are squished together. These are several of the possible problems students with dyslexia are faced with. 399 more words

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The final wicked problem

How do you solve a wicked problem? You survey, research, and propose solutions. A wicked problem like “How to create meaningful interaction between students and technology” is going to change solutions depending on the context in which the problem is considered. 802 more words

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