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PHOTO: World's First BABY Giant Squid Caught in Japan

Researchers have captured three different giant squid babies off the coasts of western and south-western Japan. This is the first time this has EVER happened in the whole world! 245 more words


Dumbo octopus

Although bearing a striking resemblance to the original Pac-Man’s arch-enemies, the devious ghosts Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde (talk about messing up a good rhyme), the abyssal dumbo octopus is in fact not based on the famous 1980’s video game antagonists. 391 more words


Octopus hug

The other day, my twitter buddy Jill (@outseide) requested octopus poems. I wrote this one for her at the time, but I liked it so much that I decided to illustrate it and share it with all you lovely people as well. 24 more words

When octopuses rule the earth

The octopus is an alien, an utterly confused tabloid piece read. One of those English papers. It quoted a scientist. One never jokes like that to a tabloid. 789 more words

Think Pieces

Scenes from the Sea: Dumbo Octopus

This is a screen capture from Hercules’s camera with some sea stars surrounding a Dumbo Octopus. These octopus are named for their Dumbo-like ears on the side of their mantle. 52 more words

Deep Sea

Sharktopus vs Pteracuda

Title: Sharktopus vs Pteracuda

Director: Kevin O’Neill

Writer: Matt Yamashita

Starring: Katie Savoy, Rib Hillis, Robert Carradine

Year released: 2014

Initial thoughts (Pre-screening): Airing shortly after… 347 more words


First Complete Octopus Genome Will Unlock Cephalopod Secrets

Scientists have finished sequencing the first complete octopus genome, and it’s a big step toward unraveling many cephalopod mysteries, including the basis of their unusual intelligence and unmatched camouflage abilities.

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