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Scenes from the Sea: Dumbo Octopus

This is a screen capture from Hercules’s camera with some sea stars surrounding a Dumbo Octopus. These octopus are named for their Dumbo-like ears on the side of their mantle. 52 more words

Deep Sea

Sharktopus vs Pteracuda

Title: Sharktopus vs Pteracuda

Director: Kevin O’Neill

Writer: Matt Yamashita

Starring: Katie Savoy, Rib Hillis, Robert Carradine

Year released: 2014

Initial thoughts (Pre-screening): Airing shortly after… 347 more words


First Complete Octopus Genome Will Unlock Cephalopod Secrets

Scientists have finished sequencing the first complete octopus genome, and it’s a big step toward unraveling many cephalopod mysteries, including the basis of their unusual intelligence and unmatched camouflage abilities.

85 more words

Rare Massive Colossal Squid Caught on Camera Trying to Steal Fish in Russia

Russian fishermen were left stunned when a massive colossal squid tried to steal the latest catch off the side of their boat – and it was all caught on video! 135 more words


Only Cephalopods

Hi Steffi, I’m doing an Etsy post today but it contains only cephalopods. I have a recent obsession with them.

Messenger Bag – NorrisLeatherworks

Pendant – … 51 more words


A Brief History Of Humans Wrestling Octopi

While some of us have conceded that man’s hubris and the inevitable collapse of humanity will lead to the age of cephalopod rising in the not-too-distant future, there are still people who yearn for nothing more than a good ol’ fight with an octopus. 16 more words

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