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Cephalopod Tendrils with White Wine steamed Bivalves

No truly elegant dining experience is complete without a pasta component, and no pasta component is quite as rich or as darkly decadent as our homemade cephalopod tendrils.   636 more words


Changing oceans mean octopuses are taking over

New Aussie research shows octopus, squid and cuttlefish numbers are on the rise and slowly taking over the sea.

Published: SBS Science, 24/05/16


Who Needs a Hug?

After yesterday’s banking terror, I know I could do with some affection.  Who better to give a cuddle than someone with a platoon of arms? 42 more words


Section through an octopus shows the mouth passing through the brain

Octopuses and other cephalopods are well-known for their exceptional intelligence and complex brains, which appear to outstrip all other invertebrates’. But, they work within one strange constraint – like all other molluscs (snails, slugs, oysters and more), the nerve ring at the centre of their nervous system encircles the oesophagus. 171 more words

Anatomy Snippet

What Exactly IS a Squid?

“Today we’re going to draw a squid…”

That was how a recent Sketchbook Nation project began. A squid. Great. Uh, what exactly is a squid? 190 more words

Learning To Draw

Alien Intelligence, Close to Home

Thanks to a clever octopus in New Zealand who escaped back to the sea, there’s been a lot of talk lately about animal intelligence.  A recent book by Frans de Waal  questions whether we are even… 639 more words


GABS Brewer 2016 - Doctor's Orders Brewing

GABS Brewer 2016: Darren Robinson from Doctors Orders in Sydney, NSW

What beer are you making for GABS?
I’m making a Gose with smoked salt, red algae and squid ink. 143 more words