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Introducing Ceph-O-Vision

I’ve been interested in cephalopod vision ever since I learned that, despite their superb appreciation for chroma (as evidenced by their ability to match the color of their surroundings as well as texture and pattern), cuttlefish eyes contain only one light-sensitive pigment. 738 more words


Cephalopod Research Group in Mendeley

Vijai Dharmamony has started a cephalopod research group in Mendeley in order to develop an online directory of cephalopod researchers and to aggregate a cephalopod research bibliography. 23 more words


Adolf Naef's Wikipedia Page - New and Improved!

Danna Staaf has put substantial time and effort into researching the life and work of Adolf Naef and has revised his Wikipedia page, making it much more robust:  124 more words


My Favorite Animal

If im going to be running a blog that focuses on interesting animals that can inspire fear in people it only seems fair to tell you all about my favorite animal. 270 more words



424 Orthoceras – 25g – “straight horn”, is a genus of extinct nautiloid cephalopod endemic to Middle Ordovician-aged marine limestones of the Baltic States and Sweden. 34 more words