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March 17 Link Roundup

Neanderthals and humans may have been making out! OK, maybe not, but they share bacteria from the oral microbiome that can be transferred through food sharing, parental care, and kissing. 362 more words


Understanding heteromorph ammonites

Heteromorph ammonites were a group of externally shelled cephalopods that were particularly diverse during the Cretaceous period. Many species were abundant and geographically widespread and, for this reason, they have been used to date and correlate rocks. 2,522 more words


The Triassic Kraken

A woman from the 80’s bumped into me at the Reno WinCo yesterday. Instantly I knew she was a time traveler. She wore all the original 80’s clothes, not the retro throwback stuff the teens sport these days. 638 more words

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Octopus, what is its plural?

This video from the USA says about itself:

What is the plural of Octopus? | BLUE WORLD ACADEMY

10 February 2017

Is it octopus or octopi?

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Common Octopus

Common Octopus – Technically this is a septopus, because it is missing a tentacle.
Dominica (Fort Young Dock) – 1/17/2017
Common Octopus
Bonaire (Andrea I) – 5/15/2013… 80 more words


Tentacular affection

For octopuses, mating is a brief, detached affair, followed shortly by death. They might be the most intelligent life-forms on the planet, but their 500 million large neurons don’t seem to have livened up their love-life. 151 more words



Everybody loves squid, cuttlefish, and octopuses…and we all love all of the crazy belemnites, ammonites,  nautiloids, and orthocones which came before them. 246 more words