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The Broadclub Cuttlefish

If you are looking for something spectacular, look no further than the broadclub cuttlefish. They have been ranked as one of the oceans smartest creatures, and as the smartest invertebrates known to man. 135 more words


Cephalon "Octocrab" battle mech

With the drastically upgunned nature of my dinosaur-inspired parallels of Classic Space hardware, it was obvious that I needed an adversary.

I’ve always admired cephalopods, and there are some rather famous Mesozoic ones in the shape of the Ammonites, Belemnites and Orthocones. 245 more words


Day Octopus

It’s only March but it’s been quite the busy year so far, and I’ve felt guilt that I haven’t been painting much and have found it a bit difficult to put brush to canvas these past few weeks. 161 more words


March's Molluscs

March’s Molluscs!


Today I will tell you about some of the molluscs found on the Challenger expedition along the way – more specifically, the octopus (read about January’s jellyfish… 440 more words


Does an octopus make a good pet? | MNN - Mother Nature Network

via Does an octopus make a good pet? | MNN – Mother Nature Network.

The intelligent, 8-legged cephalopods are gaining popularity in home aquariums, but not everyone thinks they’re suited for life in captivity.

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Quebec: Inside the Aquarium

And this is (I think) the actual last Quebec post, featuring the aquatic beasties that reside inside the aquarium. 

Obligatory turtle picture!  The aquarium, despite being excellent in many ways, was sadly deficient in the turtle department. 152 more words



There’s nothing half-hearted about cephalopods. These tentacular marine creatures, including the octopus, squid and cuttlefish, have three hearts apiece.Two brachial hearts on either side of the cephalopod’s body oxygenate blood by pumping it through the blood vessels of the gills, and the systemic heart in the center of the body pumps oxygenated blood from the gills through the rest of the organism, said Michael Vecchione. 47 more words

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