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Being cephalopod: Changing color in a color-blind world

Author: Ada Hagan

Editors: Bryan Moyers, Kevin Boehnke, Shweta Ramdas

Just a couple of weeks ago in “Camouflaged: Finding cephalopods” MiSciWriters blogger Irene Park told us about how cephalopods (octopuses, cuttlefish, and squids) alter their skin color, and texture to blend into their surroundings. 865 more words


Camouflaged: Finding cephalopods

Written by: Irene Park

Edited by: Ada Hagan, Alisha John, Bryan Moyers, Kevin Boehnke

When I was watching Finding Dory, one character caught my eye: Hank the octopus (or septopus since he’s missing a tentacle). 795 more words


Flannel Friday: Happy Cephalopod Week

I got to work a little early this morning. I was frittering around. I checked Twitter. Then I started to plan out my work for the day. 591 more words

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Mating bobtail squids video

In the night in Grevelingen salt water lake in the Netherlands, diver Harry Brummelhuis made this video of a mating Atlantic bobtail squid couple.

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Batten Down the Hatches: The Rise of the Cephalopod

By Shelby Traynor

Illustration by Alex Hanson

Off the coast of Norway and Greenland lies the memory of the hopefully-fictional Kraken, a Giant Squid capable of… 628 more words

Cuttlefish off Terschelling island, video

This 30 May 2016 shows a common cuttlefish. It had been caught in a fish monitoring net off Terschelling island in the Netherlands, and was freed. 61 more words