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Cephalopodic Solar System? (May 31, 2018)

I am in an interesting swap on Swap-bot.com, a very fun artistic swapping site. I’ve made some amazing friends there and met some incredible artists, too. 194 more words

How to digitise natural history specimens

Digitisation in museums remains a hot trend. On paper, all we need to do is digitise specimens, stick ’em online et voila, everyone in the world has access to our beautiful specimens. 1,459 more words


Space invaders: Octopi could be aliens

War of the Worlds will never be the same again.

A study released last year investigating the camouflaging abilities of some cephalopods has resulted in scientists suggesting they may originate from elsewhere in space. 189 more words


The Pseudoscience of Octopuses From Space

One of the great joys of social media is people getting in touch to share things they think you might like, or know about or have a hot take on. 2,966 more words


Five 'fish' that aren't fish

This 2018 video says about itself:

In this short video, underwater cinematographer Jonathan Bird explains what traits make a fish a fish, and 5 top animals often called fish that actually are not fish like the…

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Octopus ancestry video

This video says about itself:

Prehistory of the Octopus

29 April 2018

Octopuses are an amazingly diverse lineage of creatures that have been evolving for hundreds of millions of years, and yet so little is known of their past.

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The Metaphorical Hug

I need a hug. Not just any hug. One of those hugs that seems to make the whole world disappear. One that says “I’ve got you” (and not in a creepy way). 354 more words