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Journey to Uzbekistan

The three ‘Wedding Guests’, Marjorie, Barbara and Daphne are off on the first stage of their journey to Tashkent to take part in the Festival of Decorative Arts. 59 more words

A Grand Time up North

In spite of last minute missing MOT and much franticness in the studio quite a few pots  managed to get to the right galleries in North Wales and the Wirral, I only left one box behind. 129 more words

No Space for pottery Studio

So, I am starting a pottery studio. I don’t have much of a budget as I think I have mentioned in a previous post. And my studio will be established in my home garage and my study. 417 more words


Positively Rainbow

It’s amazing the positivity that color can bring into your life. Since I started making this super fun rainbow gold pottery, I’ve been having an overall better outlook on life and people. 84 more words



It has been a real privilege to create the Manser Medal for The Sunday Times British Homes Awards.

The Medal was conceived in 2001 to inspire innovation in house design, to show how social and technological aspirations can be met by intelligent design. 51 more words


Coil Vase and Slab - to slip

These two pieces wrapped up. Not sure what I am going to do with them painting wise. I have to do some testing with mason stains and slip to make colored slip. 244 more words


New piece - slab

Started a new piece on Saturday. My work space is limited at this time. I am working on a table that is about 3×6, but only have a short piece of it at the end as the as it is covered with stuff that need sorting and moved to the garage. 131 more words