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Fish Plate

On a recent weekend, Chuck threw a plate on the potter’s wheel that I proceeded to decorate with my signature ‘cat dish fish’. We both liked the finished result so we put it to use to serve one of our favorite summertime dishes – Curried Maftoul. 196 more words


A Personal Touch.....

Yeah, I jump from project to project depending on my mood, lol.  Well to be fair to myself, it also depends on how much time I have freed up to dig in.   296 more words


B3 Clay Planters

I finally picked some wildflowers and was able to photograph my favorite planters in some great lighting… 51 more words


2ND Grade Dangos - Form and Pattern

Students really loved this lesson.  It was a lesson I did when I student taught, stolen from the glorious TJ Lechtenburg but, of course, tweaked to student needs.  505 more words

2nd Grade

Tomatoes and Borrowed Time

Since I got my ceramic studio in working order, I’ve hit the ground running. The image above is of a botanical sculpture made of Sculpey clay that I made as a special order for a professor of biology. 257 more words