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The Kiln Waster

I had jury duty and when you are on jury duty in Philadelphia, you bring a few books, maybe a crossword puzzle, some snacks and whatever else allows you to pass the time because there is a lot of waiting before you are either selected to serve on a jury or dismissed. 318 more words


Pottery Practice, Reflecting on the Past Year

A couple weeks ago this site asked me to renew; and I realized I haven’t even thought about my blog in a year. A lot has happened in the past year; I got a smart phone in my life, I became engaged, and I’ve become more involved in ceramics then I have been ever previously in my life. 382 more words


Valentine's Day is Coming! Combine a Day in the Woods with a Gorgeous Handmade Gift!

What better gift than a lovely drive across the ridge on a winter day over the mountain to the stunning Sequatchie Valley. Enjoy a peaceful walk in the woods.   327 more words

No One Creates Alone

That’s one of the conclusions reached in an article I recently read in Psychology Today. Another one is that “discovery cannot be produced by chance.” In other words, someone who has not logged sufficient time in pursuit of a given endeavor does not have the tools to recognize a significant discovery.      84 more words


Okey Dokey Poke

If you are a sushi or sashimi lover, I can assume that you are well familiar with paying high price tags to enjoy a nice meal at your favorite neighborhood sushi restaurant.   257 more words