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100 Cups

Started a project to make 100 cups after making these guys, and I’m already 50 cups deep! Will post more pics/videos next week when my first batch isĀ glazed and done!


The Unmade Bed - A Discovery

I was running a little late the other day and rushed off to the ceramic studio without making my bed. Now that may not come as an earth-shaking dilemma to you, but then you were not brought up as I was. 936 more words


Being Copied

Today I have found myself with an unexpected quiet afternoon, with rain outside and everybody else out somewhere, so it’s time to follow some advice and get some blogtime in. 609 more words

Unloading the Kiln

I had a bisque firing on Sunday and I’m just now unloading the kiln. Next step is glazing!


Dragons (2 part lesson)

Instructor: Kat Toebes (two part lesson)

Part One:

Resource(s): Dragons by Licille Recht Penner, Dragons by Catherin M Petrini, Dragons by Charlotte Guillain, Dragons by Stephen Krensky, … 1,021 more words


Is it spring yet???

I decided not to go to NCECA this year. The thought did cross my mind a few months ago when I thought about how close Providence is from here. 279 more words

Last pottery class before Easter

Well , I couldn’t glaze anything because one piece was still in the kiln and the other was yet to go in . Instead I worked on the 2nd coiled pot I had started while waiting for the wheel last week . 127 more words