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Artist Birthday Quiz for 6/24~

What American archeologist, ceramist, and designer built the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works, which still operates in Doylestown, PA today?

What painter organized the first and only group exhibition of “The Eight” (urban Realists later termed the Ashcan School) in 1908?

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Laurent Craste and vandalism

Laurent Craste (1968), ceramist and painter.

Of french origin, Laurent Craste has been living and working in Montreal for the past 22 years. His career has involved both a studio practice in contemporary ceramics and the teaching of ceramics at the college level. 180 more words

Artist Birthday Quiz for 5/26~

What Flemish-born Baroque painter was a founding member of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture, going on to become a professor and later the rector? 26 more words

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 5/9~

Known mostly for his drawings and engravings, this Dutch painter of the Flemish School also designed tapestries.

This ceramist and her husband were both largely self-taught studio potters who worked together throughout their 69 year marriage. 6 more words

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 5/4~

What contemporary ceramist has been awarded a Fellow of the RCA and an OBE, and seeks to stretch the definition of the pot by exploring the relationships of form and surface? 28 more words

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Artist of the moment...........Adelaide Robineau

Adelaide Robineau was an American ceramist and painter. In American ceramics two cultural icons exist, George Ohr and Adelaide Robineau.

Ohr was renown for very creative works and for using the local clay. 185 more words