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Artist of the moment...........Adelaide Robineau

Adelaide Robineau was an American ceramist and painter. In American ceramics two cultural icons exist, George Ohr and Adelaide Robineau.

Ohr was renown for very creative works and for using the local clay. 185 more words

Katsuyo Aoki and filgree

Katsuyo Aoki (1972), ceramist and sculptor.

Currently, she uses ceramics as her material in her method of expression, incorporating various decorative styles, patterns, and symbolic forms as her principal axis in creating her works. 165 more words

Jennifer McCurdy and incisions

Jennifer McCurdy (1955), ceramist.

Jennifer McCurdy’s hand-thrown porcelain is at once stark and elaborate. Natural curves coil and fold effortlessly around each other, creating exquisite spirals and spheres that reach both toward themselves and skyward. 130 more words

Whimsical Totem Pole

Like most ancient art, totems have a history of their own and have majestically stood on the soil of North America communicating a story to passers by. 508 more words


Xavier Monsalvatje and factories

Xavier Monsalvatje (1965), ceramist and painter.

Graduated in Ceramic Art at the School of Applied Arts in Valencia (Spain) in 1988. Since 1990 his work has been divided between ceramic, sculpture, painting and installation, but mainly… 173 more words