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Artist Birthday Quiz for 5/17~

The watercolor medium fascinated this painter throughout his career, and in 1925 he and two other artists founded the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, which continues actively to this day. 34 more words

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 5/9~

Known mostly for his drawings and engravings, this Dutch painter of the Flemish School also designed tapestries.

This ceramist and her husband were both largely self-taught studio potters who worked together throughout their 69 year marriage. 6 more words

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Artist Birthday Quiz for 5/4~

What major Hudson River School painter’s home, studio, and designed landscape opened as a New York State Historic Site in June 1967?

What contemporary ceramist has been awarded a Fellow of the RCA and an OBE, and seeks to stretch the definition of the pot by exploring the relationships of form and surface? 6 more words

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Aida Schooler's - Nesting Bowls

Aida Schooler has created some of our favorite ceramic pieces.  If we had to describe her work, we would say that all of her piece have an earthiness to them with lively pops of color. 76 more words

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