CERCLA Part 2: Reporting Ammonia Emissions Issues With Ashley Ellixson

In this episode, Paul is joined by Ashley Ellixson of United Dairymen of Arizona to discuss Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA). 99 more words

CERCLA Part 1: Court Ruling Requires Livestock Operations to Report Ammonia Emissions

In this episode, Paul discusses a 2017 court ruling that will require livestock operations to report ammonia emissions under a federal law theComprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA). 104 more words

Environmental Law

Standing in Citizen’s Suits: Easy Now, but Will It Get Harder?

A recent decision by a federal district court in Houston, Texas demonstrates how easy it is for plaintiffs to establish standing in citizen’s suits.

All of the major federal environmental laws allow for citizen’s suits.  489 more words

Top Legal Developments in 2017: A Joint Podcast with Ag Law in the Field

In this episode, Paul is joined by Tiffany Lashmet from Texas AgriLife Extension to discuss the top legal issues in agriculture for 2017.  This is a joint podcast with  107 more words


The 2018 Election and Its Impact

In this Thanksgiving week, I depart from my usual format, and look forward to the 2018 election.  While I expect Republicans to take a drubbing in total votes cast, the peculiar circumstances of this election indicate that Republicans will probably maintain control of the House, although with a smaller majority, and actually gain seats in the Senate.  532 more words

Election Anniversary: Regulatory Rollback, Stories Over Statistics, and Pressure for Local Enforcement

Approximately one year ago, Donald Trump won the presidential election.  How does the Trump/Pruitt EPA record match up with the predictions that I made?

It appears that several trends that I predicted are indeed occurring.  415 more words