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Rice Cereal Treats

The holidays coincide with birthdays in my home, so while everyone else plans holiday parties and menus, I focus on keeping my children’s birthdays separate and special. 331 more words


Two Easy Peasy Holiday Treats: Rice Crispy Christmas Trees and Candy Dipped Pretzels

Holiday baking is in full swing! I have baked dozens of cookies over the last week and eaten way more than I am willing to admit to. 676 more words



I find flapjacks almost irresistible and if I visit anyone and they have made some I really have to restrain myself from being greedy. I like them quite soft but not squidgy and greasy, quite chewy but not hard and brittle, not too sweet – the balance of sugar and treacle is quite  crucial, not too well done so there’s a caramelised flavour as opposed to a caramelly flavour, and not under done so they are pappy. 396 more words


Cereal Lovers Bar

A wall full of worldly cereals at Cereal Lovers Bar in Mercado de San Martín, Madrid


How To Make Healthy Cereal Bars

I like eating, and snacking, and am simultaneously failing to lose weight. For some reason…

The cereal/energy bars in the supermarket are rarely as healthy as you think, especially when you look at how much sugar is in them.  469 more words


Granola Bars


2tbs butter
1/2 cup caramel sauce
1/8cup oil
1/2tsp salt
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/8cup honey
1.5tsp vanilla
3/4cup shredded roasted coconut
1cup chocolate corn flakes cereal… 202 more words


Kellogg's 5 Grain Muesli Bars - Chocolate & A Blend Of Nuts

I’m trying to wean myself off of Nakd Bars, Mr.1T has also become addicted to the Bakewell Tart flavour and its proving to be a rather expensive habit! 369 more words