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ASAP - Cereal Bars (Product Review

The idea of taking healthy snacks has not been known to us for long time.  The other countries have had these snacks since awhile.  We have always considered eating chats and bakery items are the best snack items to be taken along with tea/coffee.  577 more words

INSTA-REVIEW: McVitie's Hobnobs Snack Bar (Milk Chocolate & Salted Caramel)

If it hadn’t stunk of caramel I’d have sworn they’d packaged the wrong one.

It has kind of a sticky glaze and the typical Hobnobs oaty flavour – it tasted much like a meatier chewier Hobnobs biscuit to be honest. 54 more words


INSTA-REVIEW: Chewits Cereal Bar

Well. They’re rank.

Very chewy and very sticky – I had to go and brush my teeth straight after so no eating on the go here! 58 more words


Rice Cereal Treats

The holidays coincide with birthdays in my home, so while everyone else plans holiday parties and menus, I focus on keeping my children’s birthdays separate and special. 331 more words


Two Easy Peasy Holiday Treats: Rice Crispy Christmas Trees and Candy Dipped Pretzels

Holiday baking is in full swing! I have baked dozens of cookies over the last week and eaten way more than I am willing to admit to. 676 more words



I find flapjacks almost irresistible and if I visit anyone and they have made some I really have to restrain myself from being greedy. I like them quite soft but not squidgy and greasy, quite chewy but not hard and brittle, not too sweet – the balance of sugar and treacle is quite  crucial, not too well done so there’s a caramelised flavour as opposed to a caramelly flavour, and not under done so they are pappy. 396 more words