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I could kill for breakfast!

Cereal Killer. A simple concept, but with astonishingly complex variations! The Cereal Killer café brings to Londoners cereals from across the globe. American, British and ‘Global’ varieties, served with regular milk or “premium” milk…or, the option to select a “cereal cocktail”, I.e. 83 more words

The 10 Greatest Breakfast Cereals of All Time

Here are the 10 greatest cereals of all time, according to more than 570,000 votes on the website MrBreakfast.com:

1.  Quisp.  It was discontinued in the late ’70s, but brought back in 2012. 90 more words


The 10 Greatest Breakfast Cereals Of All Time

When it comes to cereal, each and every one of us have a personal favorite. So, when it comes to naming the 10 best cereals of all-time, sure it’s up for debate. 145 more words


The Greatest Breakfast Cereals of All Time

We’ve got a list of the best cereals of all time, but it comes with a warning:  It’s clear a lot of the votes are based on nostalgia, because four of the top 10 were discontinued before 1980. 104 more words


30 Days of Lists (September 22, 2016)

I feel like I am running out of steam but I am so close to finishing. 8 more lists to publish.

day 22

my kitchen essentials… 150 more words

30 Days Of Lists

Cereal Bars : Noms

My parents have this habit of over-buying any food item that we say we like. Apple juice? Boom, sixteen bottles show up in our fridge. They see us eating one marshmallow? 310 more words


Beanie Fish

Wow, where to begin?  There is so much to say here.  Please use the comments section freely to explain what this is all about.

Firstly, what are the numbers 124 and 485 relating to? 88 more words