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Genesis: The Origin of The Golden Graham Girl Blog

First things first, this blog is NOT about Golden Grahams (and my sincere apologies to any fans of the band Genesis who inadvertently stumbled across this post due to its title – rock on, Phil Collins, rock on), the deliciously sweet and cinnamon-y breakfast cereal rival to Cinnamon Toast Crunch.   625 more words


5 minutes or less: Banilla Breakfast

3/4 cup Stonyfield Organic Banilla yogurt + 1/4 Great Grains cereal + 1/2 cup fresh blueberries

This quick, power punch breakfast provides an excellent source of calcium, whole grains, and a full serving of fruit. 46 more words


Fishy snack

One day a week for this entire semester, my friend and I have a TON of free time between classes. Some weeks, we have plenty of homework to work on. 58 more words


Day 152

After a very long day of editing and shooting for my final, I finally get to end the night with some fruit loops

What I've learned about Baby's First Foods

When you have a baby, it’s not only the child that is always learning new things. Mama (or dad/grandparent/guardian) is also constantly in training mode. It starts with antenatal and birth classes and just keeps going on. 506 more words


Day 4 💇

Last night I stayed up way later than I was planning just talking to a friend because she needed it. That does not make me a hero, it just shows that’s I’m not a jerk. 220 more words

Day 13

Cereal for dinner.

Much Love,