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It's Peanut Butter-Jelly Granola Bar Time!

Peanut butter is a convenient (and very kid-friendly) way of adding some nutrition to your daily diet! Eaten in moderation (read: small amounts at a time), it is a good source of healthy fats, protein, fibre, and vitamins–all of which help boost your energy and immune system. 201 more words

Oreo O's are back, and nothing else in life matters

90s kids can finally rejoice knowing that Oreo O’s cereal is back on the market.

The cereal has been gone for over a decade (even longer if you remember that marshmallow disaster they replaced it with.) It was available in South Korea up until recently, and many die-hard fans spent loads of money for some on eBay. 218 more words


[WATCH] New 'Lucky Charms' Milkshake From Burger King!

By Susie

Burger King unveiled it’s latest creation for the summer. Behold the Lucky Charms milkshake!! It’s hand spun with vanilla soft serve and sweet marshmallow syrup, along with Lucky Charms and whip cream. 54 more words


01 - Crispy cereal stick

Hello everybody! Today I’m going to speack about a delicious and simple snack: Crispy cereal stick flavoured banana.

A time ago, I ordered a korean snack box on… 169 more words


Treat Yoself.

If there is one topic I could argue about until I go blue in the face, it is how important a life of balance is. Surprisingly, this is a topic that I get a lot of crap for….and I know I’m not the only one. 1,087 more words

Healthy Living Looks Good On Everyone

Cereal, Cookies, and Milk, Oh My!

I happened to be at Stop & Shop again today.

Cheerios were on sale, so I decided to stock up. I already have at least 30 boxes of cereal, but we go through them very quickly here, and cereal doesn’t really go bad, right? 374 more words