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Nigeria Releases 2 New Enhanced Sorghum Varieties

As of February 2016, researchers in Nigeria developed two new varieties of sorghum with three times more iron content. Eva Weltzien Ratttunde and Henry Frederick Weltzien Rattunde while working in a joint research project in Nigeria were able to develop two enhanced strains of sorghum with potentially high nutritional value. 383 more words


Foods That Must Be Included In Your Children’s Menu

There is one unwritten rule: “If you tell your child that some food is healthy, your children will not eat it”. If you do not want to make diet “war” with your child, it is best to include some super foods important for children’s nutrition in your child’s menu and if it does not want to eat other types of food, then it does not have to eat them. 137 more words


3 foods that are not as useful as you thought they were

In the last years, healthy eating has become a fashion in stores now routinely find products labeled as “organic,” “low fat,” “sugar free.”

Many of the options that we see as healthy, actually contain sizable amounts of calories, fat and sugar. 207 more words


My Favourite FAST Breakfast meals! (P/E)

Olá Gente Linda! :)

Hoje venho partilhar convosco as minhas receitas preferidas de pequeno almoço. Espero que gostem!

Oatmeal (papa de aveia) com manga:

Esta receita eu faço sempre à noite antes de ir dormir, porque como já sabem, não posso desperdiçar nem 5 minutos do meu sono matinal! 857 more words


Meat Bucks Trend of Falling Prices

The price of meat and meat products around the world appears to be bucking the trend of falling food prices.

According to the Food Price Index from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, food prices around the world fell by 1.8 per cent in April compared to March – although they were still much higher than in April 2016. 422 more words