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Vitamins (Part 1)

Vitamin B12 is the largest & most complex vitamin currently known to man.

Vitamin B12 can only be manufactured by bacteria & can only be found naturally in. 116 more words

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Cereals and Breads

Unpolished long grain rice or PATNA is an Iranian staple and many say that the preparation of rice in Iran is unequalled elsewhere in the world. 263 more words


Breakfast Food Blues: Kellogg’s Reports $293 Million in Losses Due to Slow Sales

Sugary, GMO crapola? Nope. How about some nice hot oatmeal?

It’s cheaper and it’s got to be healthier.

The questions put forth in this article should be interesting to anyone who is concerned about what they eat. 337 more words


Above:  Some of My Doctor Who Serials, February 18, 2015

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Watching old episodes of Doctor Who makes me crave cereals.


4 types of foods that contain hidden lactose

Check on the label words like: milk and lactose, like: lactitol (sugar alcohol), junket (milk based dessert), whey (milk serum)  or whey powder.

1. Sausages… 54 more words


'Cheerio!' to gluten: General Mills says famous cereal brand will go gluten-free

Fans of a popular hooped cereal can say “Cheerio” to gluten.

Minnesota-based General Mills confirmed that five of its Cheerios varieties will be labeled as gluten-free as of July,  312 more words