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Planning for the Future

Like most people I devote a little time each and every day to preparing for when I am very, very wealthy. I imagine what it will feel like, the first time I look at my account balance and see more money than I could ever need (like breaking the surface of a brackish lake after almost drowning). 1,533 more words



During my time in the Land of Shum I attended weddings, conducted weddings, played music at weddings and got married. I know people who, like myself, spent years not getting married because it implied getting permission to live your life, but then changed their minds for one reason or another and got legally married with or without ceremony, secretly or not. 694 more words


Troop 505 Albino Buffalo aka Andrew Hodson Eagle Ceremony Apr 29

On Wednesday, April 29th, an Eagle Court of Honor will be held for Albino Buffalo aka Andrew HodsonĀ at the American Legion in Chapel Hill. 49 more words



As a people the nations were highly susceptible to introduced diseases beginning with the first landing of the Euro boat people. the same susceptibility can be seen in modern day uncontacted tribes. 363 more words

List of Holidays

Below is a list of different holidays celebrated in Sancia… 41 more words


Foundation Day

Similar to nations that have an “independence day”, Sancia has a “foundation day”; being a concept nation that hasn’t actually sought recognition for independence in the world, and is instead a designed cultural and political doctrine. 82 more words


Coming-of-Age Symposium

When a Sancian has hit the age of maturity, which is recognized at 18 years old, the Sancian is eligible to do everything legally available to all adults (voting, homeownership, gun ownership, business ownership, drinking, smoking, sex, etc.). 243 more words