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First there was a funeral. Punctuated by a quick visit to a wedding. The week finished with a house blesssing for an extension to their lovely place in Pejeng. 23 more words


Indian Wedding Traditions: Bride

Indian weddings are a beautiful hodgepodge of traditions that vary according to geography, religious preference, and generation. Some Indian weddings will include many traditions, all carried out in Sanskrit, while others will be much more modern and delivered in English. 420 more words

Ceremonies: Kickoff and Sprint Planning

In this second post about Streamline’s ceremonies we look at the start of the sprint. Kickoff and Sprint Planning are standard scrum ceremonies that set the stage for the next two and a half weeks of work. 810 more words


Ceremonies: Planning Increment Planning

Streamline Health takes its scrum and Scaled Agile Framework ceremonies very seriously. Adherence to norms and best practices by everyone involved helps our development machine run smoothly from sprint to sprint, release to release. 1,468 more words


One funeral. And a wedding.

It wasn’t as grim as we thought it might be, the funeral for our friend. Ten days after she slipped away in her sleep, we were able to farewell her properly yesterday. 639 more words


Is Basketmouth still that funny, really?

Well, the rest of Africa still thinks he is and here’s proof:

Basketmouth is the funniest man in Africa after winning Savanna Pan-African Comic Award category at the Savannah Comic Choice Awards. 100 more words



Yay! She’s married now.

I’ll only share one little sweet shot of the wedding itself out of courtesy for the bride.

Not that she asked me to but I have chosen to do so myself. 50 more words

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