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Part 7 - last review of the Group Journey One and the Same in South West England

Part 7 – Group Journey One and the Same –

Glastonbury shops and Glastonbury Fringe –

Music, theatre and dancing

Plus ceremonies of the Summer Solstice… 945 more words


Now that You've Graduated from College, a List of Men it's No Longer Appropriate to Date

by Lauren Parker

Guy who is really into the Beatles – He sucks in bed and will cry when “Imagine” plays. He will play you “Yesterday” on his guitar and then tell you about how his high school girlfriend broke up with him and he still isn’t over it because it’s the one time he didn’t get what he wanted. 739 more words


Should Christians Attend Gay Weddings? Jesse Morrell


By Jesse Morrell

I was debating the question, “Should Christians attend Gay Marriage Ceremonies of Family Members?” in a “Christian” Facebook group. 581 more words

Bagpiper in Huntsville Alabama

Bagpipers for hire Huntsville Alabama for ceremonies , funerals and public-private Huntsville events.We make it easy to find a bagpiper for your local Huntsville AL wedding, funeral or private event. 329 more words


Celebrating Our 2015 Graduates...And Their Shoes

On Sunday, June 14, PSU held its university-wide 2015 Spring Commencement Ceremonies. I attended ten ceremonies throughout the week, and witnessed great excitement, joy and recognition at each. 567 more words

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Vows... to write them, or not write them. That is the question!

If you’re looking for a resounding ‘yes you should write your own vows!’ or ‘no, you shouldn’t write your own vows!’ … I’m afraid you’re not going to find it here. 394 more words


New Refutations of Pro-Gun Arguments

One morning last week I was sitting in Starbucks reading the news and I looked up to see this dude, this kid, this kind of doughy oaf I’ve seen in this Starbucks many times before, wearing his usual outfit of a polo shirt, Tommy Bahama flip-flops, and madras shorts with an automatic handgun tucked into the waistband. 823 more words