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Ritual: Stepping Beyond Here and Now

 According to The American Heritage Dictionary, ritual is the “prescribed form or order of conducting a religious or solemn ceremony.” Generally, a formal rite carries us beyond here and now and connects us with: 729 more words


Bad Medical News in Rejection Letter Form

Thank you so much for the opportunity to diagnose you. I found a lot to love here, especially in the kidney and lower abdomen. You certainly have unique vocal cords that really set you apart, and I thought your lymph nodes were, honestly, spectacular. 309 more words


Sports Commentators Analyze An Interaction I Just Had

“And we’re back with another Snickers Take-A-Break moment and, boy– what a game it’s been so far.”

“That’s right Jim, not only has Nate been walking around talking to people for an entire half hour, but his thoughts have been racing at speeds we haven’t seen since– I’ll go ahead and say it, since Prom. 620 more words


Knox on the Disobedience of Saul

Disobedience to God’s voice is not only when man does wickedly contrary to the precepts of God, but also when of good zeal, or good intent, as we commonly speak, man does anything to the honor or service of God not commanded by the express Word of God, as in this matter plainly may be seen.

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John Knox

Chinese Folk Religion

Taiwan enjoys a colorful and diverse religious life, mainly featuring Chinese culture and tradition. Elements of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism are often mingled together with various deities, so that people speak of Chinese Folk Religion. 65 more words


Invitation Education

Did you just get engaged? How many people have already asked you when the big day is? From day one of your engagement, you will be answering question after question from friends and family. 641 more words