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Don't Rain on my Parade: Wedding Emergency Preparedness

Last week I was able to attend an event training on security issues and emergencies. It was very enlightening and while no one likes to think about the potential threats on their special day, being aware of it is the first step. 432 more words


He Graduated!

Well, it’s over! Finished. Terminado. Fini. Finito. All done!!! MATT HAS GRADUATED!! After what has felt like THE absolute longest year (+2 months) of our lives, Matt has finished his military firefighter training and has graduated!!

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The Derry Peace Temple

It’s far too long since I last blogged, and it’s been four months of real highs and lows….It seems I need to put a wee bit of distance before I blog about all that…..so here’s an intermediate blog about the Peace Temple in Derry. 864 more words


Personal Ceremony at Laughing Tree Space

Once again, I’m pre-publishing my reflections on the newest offerings at Laughing Tree Space.  I’d love your feed back (both in terms of the offering and in terms of the wording) before I make it a full fledged page on my web site. 708 more words

Life On Earth

How Can There Be More Grace?

I’m not sure whether to call it a game or a practice, but regardless, my current cutting edge is dancing with the question, “How could there be more grace?” 895 more words

Life On Earth

To rehearse or not to rehearse...

I am a big believer in the usefulness of a wedding rehearsal, but they’re absolutely not mandatory. If you’re having a simple ceremony with few elements, or you don’t have a bridal party or others involved who need to know where to go and what to do, I’m completely on board with skipping the rehearsal. 310 more words