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Purnama - Fullmoon Ceremony

Story of the purnama or Full Moon Ceremony

The worship is meant when the full moon is addressed before the Sanghyang Candra, and Sanghyang Ketu… 564 more words


Celebration of Gold in Bali

A day set aside to cherish material wealth, Sabuh Mas is associated with the celebration of gold and other precious metals, gems, and more. To express gratitude for prosperity, celebrants wash their valuables, thanking the gods for bestowing them with good luck. 284 more words


Goddess of Prosperity

Hello good people, Today is day to worship Bhatara Sri Sedana, the symbol of Rambut Sedana is unification of the dualism, Purusa and Predana. Bhatara Sri Sedana, often called as Rambut Sedana, the second figure is the personification of God. 298 more words