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From Antoine Court de Gebelin's 'Primitive World'- An Eleusinian Initiation / Antoine Court de Gebelin’nın ‘Primitive World (İlkel Dünya)’ Adlı Eserinden – Bir Eleusis İnisiyasyonu

The following text is a description and explanation of the above engraving.

The Greek inscription reads: ‘To the Manes Gods (Spirits of the ancestors), Antonia Valeria erected this monument to her late husband Aurelius Epaphroditus.’ 654 more words

Spiritüel Ustalar / Spiritual Masters

Ons hardloop in Ceres

Ceres Fruit Juices Michell’s Pass Half Marathon & 10 km

Hierdie is ‘n Boland wedloop. Die pragtige Boland bestaan uit die volgende Atletiek Klubs:

ACVV – Franschhoek… 311 more words


Autumn Equinox Script

So, autumn equinox has come and gone, and I spent a good bit of it very frustrated with the way ADF members (or not?) responded to one person asking if ADF would consider supporting Black Lives Matter. 1,237 more words


Stonehenge Cursus and Barrows. Prt. 1

On Sat 4th March 2006 we (Chris Bishop and I)had the idea to go to Salisbury Plain. We drove up and I began to feel really tired  and thought that we’d only stay out for a while. 896 more words


Neighbors On Edge After Police Impersonator Tries To Pull Over Woman In Ceres

CERES (CBS13) – A 29-year-old woman said someone pretending to be a police officer tried to pull her over, but she knew something was wrong and called 911. 297 more words


Police Impersonator Tried To Pull Over Woman In Ceres

CERES (CBS13) – Police in Ceres are looking for a person suspected of impersonating a police officer.

The incident happened back on Sept. 15. A 29-year-old woman reported to police that she was driving on Morgan Road at Whitmore Avenue when a charcoal gray Chevy sedan with tinted windows got behind her and started flashing red and blue lights. 87 more words


The Solar Storm

 The Solar Storm

Ceres paused Arthur’s Fountains of Paradise that was slowly scrolling down the screen. She wanted to watch the predicted display as she passed through the Van Allen radiation belts. 908 more words