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Ceres Harbors Building Blocks of Life

Ceres, the largest asteroid in the Solar System, and now considered a dwarf planet, may have once been habitable. NASA’s Dawn spacecraft collected samples from the surface and were found to contain organic compounds and amino acids, which are often referred to as the building blocks of life. 140 more words


Quarter Way Inn and Northward

So I started and ended my next two days of hiking at the Quarter Way Inn in Virginia. This place is amazing. Tina (thru hiker class 2009) is the a super host and staying in a house built in 1910 was so cool. 176 more words


Scientists Find Organics on Ceres

Scientists Find Organics on Ceres[1]

Dawn spacecraft data show a region around the crater Ernutet on Ceres where scientists have discovered concentrations of organic material (labeled “a” through “d,” two more in this area not shown). 379 more words


casting madison avenue

fishbowl eyes

Our spirits, in the spaces between and apart and far from, are yet to be hemmed in, anyway, they sway in unison with and out of synch then, consonance and dissonance together holding hands, not necessarily about coming together by choice, some were forces above and beyond our bell curved comprehension, and more out of synch are the spirits with the reeds with the grasses with the grains. 34 more words

Dawn Circles in on Ceres

Dawn Circles in on Ceres[1]

When NASA’s Dawn spacecraft was captured into orbit around the dwarf planet Ceres on Friday, March 6, 2016, there was no fanfare in mission control. 388 more words

Interstellar Matter