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Golden Fragments

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Measuring out my apathy, sieving out the soul.
My senses in a state of flux, spinning off into the unknown. 148 more words


A new dwarf planet found

It was announced last week that the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) had discovered a new dwarf planet beyond the orbit of Neptune. The planet, provisionally named 2015 RR245 by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), has had its orbit measured over several months and from this it has been determined to have a highly elliptical orbit which brings it to within 34 AUs from the Sun, but takes it out as far as 120 AUs. 243 more words


South Africa off the beaten track - charming places to stay

I grew up in Cape Town and have travelled extensively there since leaving many years ago. I still love it, especially those beautiful valleys and villages that tourists often don’t visit. 98 more words

Alison's Travel Writing

10 Naming, Classification & Observation Controversies of our Solar System

For a long, long time it seemed like the parts of our solar system were pretty well fixed and decided. Since the discovery of Pluto not much was changed. 1,490 more words


Anthony Fuentes

Anthony Fuentes of Ceres, California, U.S.A.
His 1959 Euro Convertible, 2 1/2 year restoration. Pan off restoration with PPG Stratos Silver Paint. Leather interior. 1776 engine and built freeway flyer transmission. 33 more words


Old Space Probes Fade, New Probes Scream Into View

As our old friends Rosetta and New Horizons head out of the Solar System, and Dawn continues to image Ceres, we have a new spacecraft to watch: … 268 more words