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by Jack Williamson
first published in the pages of Astounding Science-Fiction, May 1940
short story

A brilliant inventor helps a space pirate wage war on the inventor’s college buddies as the last stop before conquering Earth. 693 more words

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Diuae Augustae Faustinae

September 21 was the birthday of Faustina the Elder. I’ve had this on my calendar of dates of interest for a long while, as it’s part of my practice to honour (or at least acknowledge) the diui and diuae that my Gallo-Roman ancestors would have honoured—along with additional key figures from other periods who have significance for me. 1,497 more words

#NASA Thinks They Have Solved The Mystery Of Bright Spots On #Ceres | IFLScience

Dawn is breaking yet again – on some new astrogeology, that is. The Dawn spacecraft has been stalking the dwarf planet Ceres in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and it’s been transmitting some beautiful images back to Earth for some time now. 14 more words

Mysterious bright spots and huge, pyramid-shaped mountain on Ceres

From an article published on September 30, 2015 at www.space.com:

Colorful new maps of Ceres, charted by NASA’s Dawn space probe, have been unveiled at the European Planetary Science Conference in France. 83 more words


Surprise: Ceres' Bright Spots are Probably Salt

So now that NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has been in orbit around Ceres for seven months, has the nature of its strange bright spots finally been determined? 505 more words


Those Bright Spots on Ceres

Data returned by the Dawn spacecraft has ruled out the possibility that the spots are water ice. The current working theory is some kind of salt, and that will be tested as the spacecraft moves into a tighter orbit.

Stay tuned.

Image Credit: NASA


Please Shut The Gate

If you were an ancient Roman, which I accept you’re probably not, today would be one of the three days of the year when the gates to the underworld would be ceremonially opened and the spirits of the dead would be able to commune with the living. 458 more words

Brilliant Romans