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It's Science, Bitch! #048 Bicentennial Mouse Show Notes

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Thom Bee has been (temporarily) replaced! All hail Peter Thistlethwaite, new co-host of It’s Science, Bitch! Matt & Pete are talking about mice and their neural lace, moutains on dwarf planets, and the study of studying studies! 576 more words


Dawn's bright spots: still weird

Now in its second survey orbit, Dawn has taken pictures of the bright spots with a faster shutter speed.  It’s really too short an exposure for dim Ceres, but the hope was to get a better look at the bright spot.   14 more words


New Item added to my shop!

The newest item added to my shop by CinquefoilMetalworks (59.00 USD) http://ift.tt/1SYzmlw


 Is Pluto a planet?

A countless number of objects orbit the sun, including asteroids, comets, and several large planets. Until recently, most objects known to orbit the sun were either very large (planets) or very small (asteroids or comets). 2,631 more words

The Highers: They get it.

When I first asked to capture them, it felt like smiles.

“When we beam frequency, the grey matter works from the inside.”

-They hate the sound of chewing. 49 more words