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Ceres Police Officer Cooks Meal For Elderly Woman Whose Son Recently Died

CERES (CBS13) — A Ceres Police officer went above and beyond to help an elderly woman whose son recently passed away.

Mike Vierra responded to a call about a deceased person at a home. 58 more words


Polar Opposites

Data from the Dawn spacecraft was used to create these views of the north (left) and south pole regions (right) of dwarf planet Ceres. Click the image to embiggen it.

Image Credit: NASA


The Skoll Foundation: "Betting on good people"

In the last decade or so, an array of nonprofit groups have creatively and persistently worked to deploy the power of business and markets to drive social and environmental change.   1,160 more words


Whipping Boy

Life’s not worth living if somebody thinks he’s in authority over you.

—Robert E. Howard; Letter to Farnsworth Wright, 1931

Whipping Boy

Note: This story takes place between the events of… 4,672 more words

Meteor Mags

Here's Our First Ever Look At The North And South Poles Of Ceres

The Dawn Spacecraft is still orbiting Ceres and sending back some fantastic images. The latest are images taken of the dwarf planet’s north and south poles.

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The Hotelier (USA) / Carb On Carb (NZ) / Ceres / Sweater Season / 9.12.15

Wednesday 9th December // 7pm // All-ages

“Sonically, politically, and ethically, The Hotelier are punk as fuck,” boasted Pitchfork, when talking about their breakthrough album, Home, Like No Place Is There. 261 more words


What Would it Take to Knock the Moon Out of Orbit?

Whenever there’s news of an asteroid expected to pass closely by Earth (like this one did on Halloween 2015) at least one person will typically ask “what if it hit the Moon?” (as if that’s a scenario that somehow all of the astronomers around the world who specialize in near-Earth asteroids failed to take into consideration.) I assume the expected answer would be that such an impact would offset our Moon’s oh-so-delicate position in Earth orbit and send it tumbling inwards toward an inevitable and catastrophic collision with our planet, or possibly shatter it apart completely. 337 more words