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Top 10 Melbourne Songs 2011-2015

How good is Melbourne?! the awesome people, the great food and drink plus easily some of the best music going around. I’ve been stoked to call this place my home since moving here in 2011. 1,068 more words

List Day Friday

Challenge Dungeons 11 Teams

Dungeon Team Reward






This is one of the few Lv10s that the Meimei System can clear. I also found a use for My Melody; it felt good to have awakenings against Kaguya.

Puzzle & Dragons

Nasa's Dawn Probe Sends Back Stunning Images of Dwarf Planet Ceres

Nasa’s Dawn spacecraft has delivered the closest-yet views of the dwarf planet called Ceres that show the small world’s features in unprecedented detail.

The new images show Ceres’ tall, conical mountain, crater formation features and narrow, braided fractures. 234 more words

Tech News

Shiny mountain found on Ceres

NASA’s Dawn Spacecraft has found an enormous and strange, shiny mountain on the dwarf planet Ceres. Scientists are now able to zoom in on Ceres terrain since the spacecraft has descended to an altitude of 900 miles. 72 more words


A Mountain on Ceres

The Dawn spacecraft has returned images of this tall, conical mountain on Ceres. The mountain is located in the southern hemisphere and is about 6 km high. 65 more words


Ceres' pyramid gets its close-up

NASA’s mission to that other dwarf planet, Ceres, has delivered a fresh bird’s-eye view of one of the asteroid’s most mysterious features: a cone-shaped, 4-mile-high “pyramid” mountain whose sides are covered with bright material. 124 more words


A Shining Mountain on Ceres

Now that the Dawn spacecraft has actually reached the dwarf planet Ceres, Ferrebeekeeper has been writing less about it!  Today we will remedy that with a spectacular photo taken from the robot probe.  170 more words