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What are the similarities and differences between planets and dwarf planets?

A dwarf planet is usually a spherical body resembling a small planet.

Objects in space are round because of their gravity. If they aren’t big enough, they don’t have enough gravity to crush them into ball shape. 216 more words

The Solar System

Dawn Takes a Closer Look

This picture is one of the first images taken by the Dawn spacecraft after it was maneuvered into its lowest and final orbit around Ceres. … 15 more words


The Ambarvalia

At the end of May, the Ambarvalia is held. This festival centers on asking the blessings of Mars and Ceres for the growing crops. Traditionally, a boar, a ram and a bull were sacrificed (Note 1). 255 more words


Bomb Threat Prompts Ceres Elementary School To Evacuate

CERES (CBS13) – Police say they’ve finished their search of the Sinclear Elementary School and have come up emptyhanded.

The Ceres Police Department says the only suspicious item found during their search turned out to be an unattended musical instrument in its case. 39 more words


Moon in LEO

Sun in #gemini #moon in #leo @ 21 degrees
Gemini rules house 3 
The third house rules all forms of communication—talking, thinking, gadgets and devices (cell phones, pagers, Instant Messenger, etc.). 111 more words

Ceres Faces Firefighter Shortage After Layoffs

CERES (CBS13) – The city of Ceres is facing a shortage of firefighters. This comes after the department had to make layoffs earlier this year. Now residents are worried it could mean leaving some areas unprotected. 331 more words


Solar System Exploration - Asteroid Belt and Ceres

The asteroid belt is a region that exists between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter where a high number of asteroids have settled in their own orbits around the sun. 883 more words