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Friday Link Pack 05/22/2015

It has been a week in the Alexander household and I am so glad today is Friday! That means it is time for the Friday Link Pack where I share a few links I’ve found over the last few days. 611 more words


Ceres' Strange Bright Spots are Almost Certainly Reflective Material

Ever since it was first spotted by Hubble in 2003, the nature of the curious bright spot on Ceres has been an intriguing mystery for scientists. 378 more words


Moody Crescent Ceres

There’s something about crescent worlds that just really speaks to me.  Maybe it’s just the lingering memory of “2001”, but this picture of Ceres (the latest posted on the mission website, as of today) is quite lovely.


The Snowman on Vesta

Shaped Like A Snowman

Vesta is the second-most-massive object in the asteroid belt after the dwarf planet Ceres, and it contributes an estimated 9% of the mass of the  256 more words


Substanța albă

Prima imagine mai „de doamne ajută” cu planeta pitică Ceres a fost făcută în 2005 cu telescopul spațial Hubble. De fapt s-au făcut mai multe imagini, toate pe parcursul a nouă ore, o perioadă completă de rotație a obiectului. 504 more words

Sistemul Solar