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Graduation Day

Jari yang menjadi saksi(taip assignment..hihi)

Masih mencari

Abi dan Ummi

Masjid UTM ( apapun masjid adalah institusi terpenting dalam penyebaran ilmu.Ilmu dunia dan akhirat)

Ya, akhirnya…graduasi sudah..4 tahun di UTM dan setahun di matrik Johor, tamat sudah pembelajaran degree ku.

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Wikis and Collaboration Tool and Example of Educational Uses and Application

First wiki, with the name WikiWikiWeb, was developed in 1995 by Ward Cunningham. The software engineer from Portland, Oregon is considered to be a pioneer in the development of new methods, such as object-oriented programming, design patterns or extreme programming.  550 more words


Blogging and Example of Educational Uses and Application

A blog is a system which that allows a single author or sometimes, but less often, a group of authors) to write and publicly display time-ordered (called posts). 368 more words


Social Networking and Example of Educational Uses and Application

Facebook, MySpace and Friendster are among of the social networking website. These entire website allow people to network together for various purposes. For instance, Facebook is a relatively conventional social-networking online environment. 471 more words

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Media Sharing and Example of Educational Uses and Application

According to Franklin and Harmelen (2007), media sharing store user-contributed media and allows user to search for display content. Besides being a showcase for creative endeavor, these services can from valuable educational resources. 305 more words


Web 2.0 Tools

Emerging technologies and changing pedagogies bring out the necessities for more effective two way communication, promoting interaction and collaborative working, sharing and flexible participation. Here, the researchers choose media sharing, social network and blog as a main tool of Web 2.0 technology in education as it are most common tools of web 2.0 (Yasemin et al,2009). 84 more words

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Roles of teacher in Web 2.0 Learning Environment

Teacher played an important role in Web 2.0 Learning Environment .Generally, by knowing students, teachers become interested in their space, and whatever that space might be, digital or traditional. 301 more words