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Quantum Mysterium Tremendum et Numen

Shared existence, which sounds ludicrous to the common man, is something that quantum physicists continue to explore with zeal.

For some time, physicist who study quantum mechanics at mega-labs like CERN (Large Hadron Collider), have been testing theory about the way the universe works, delving into the metaphysical with their research. 678 more words


Dark energy and the elusive chameleon—more darkness from the dark side

If you thought Dark Matter was strange enough—the new ‘god of the gaps’ in cosmology—the ‘unknown god’ used to force the ‘square peg’ of observational evidence into the ‘round hole’ of the standard big bang theory, then I say you have good reason to think again. 1,798 more words


Geneva, from protons to wine

Geneva, an international city, where science and art collide against the clear blue water and  white mountain tops. My head was cloudy as I boarded the train to Switzerland. 533 more words


Day One - CERN

The Gateway

Also visiting CERN’s ‘anti-CERN’ site.


An Open Letter to the Times Higher World University Rankers

Dear Rankers,

Having perused your latest set of league tables along with the published methodology, a couple of things puzzle me.

First, I note that you have made significant changes to your methodology for combining metrics this year. 772 more words

The Universe And Stuff

ThePort - bis

ThePort hackathon ended yesterday evening at CERN. I got to briefly (1 slide, 1 minute!) present the project we had been working on for these last 3 days (with this awesome team I was writing about). 60 more words


ThePort hackathon

I have been collaborating with a dynamic, creative, multidisciplinary team this weekend, in the frame of ThePort hackathon. We have been sharing ideas and creating an app for patients and their entourage to help them get a better idea of what will be happening during their hospital stay, who will take care of them, and what are the plans after discharge. 66 more words