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The hills of southern Tamil Nadu will soon shelter India’s biggest basic-science hub. Unless canards bury it first.

THENI is one of those spots in Tamil Nadu that come comfortingly suffused with temples and lush scenery and the lingering echo of the Western Ghats. 1,025 more words


CERN Says Earth Entering New Ice Age

SWITZERLAND – Physicists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, announced a series of breakthroughs in scientific research today that point to an emergence of a new ice age which could potentially threaten life on earth as we know it. 538 more words

Sulla Nuova Fisica e le Science Wars. Sulla dietrologia scientifica e sui fisici teorici “who snap”.

di Rina Brundu. Non sia mai!, non sto per andare a scomodare le Science Wars di una ventina d’anni fa tra gli “scienziati realisti” e i critici postmodernisti a proposito di teoria scientifica e di interrogazioni intellettuali; non sto neppure per scomodare la filosofia popperiana e le complicate divagazioni della filosofia della scienza.
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FCC Hijacks Internet, The Death of Internet 1 and The Rise of The Beast's Internet. Anthony Patch Interview.

This is an in depth discussion of the death of Internet 1 and the rise of The New World Order Beast Internet System.  Anthony discusses how everyone will be required to have the Mark of The Beast to use the New World Orders Satanic Hive system.   73 more words

Internet Radio

Six little lessons from big science

Professor of HRM at Middlesex University Chris Mabey reflects on how all organisations can learn from the success of the ATLAS particle physics experiment at the… 513 more words

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Safety at CMS

Though you are allowed to go down and see CMS on a guided tour, you have to go through a long process to be down there for any length of time or go near to the detector. 523 more words