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Major CERN Update They Opened The Sky

Are you conCERNed yet? You should be. According to video evidence posted in December 2015 CERN opened a portal, this time not over a distant land but right over Geneva Switzerland. 194 more words


The God Particle

A couple of years ago a panic arose from the public about the experiments taking place at CERN, due to the amount of energy involved with the collisions. 700 more words

My Project: High Speed DAQ with DPDK

I had an interesting project – to say the least. All my attempts of trying to explain it to anyone have not gone too well for me. 286 more words


The fence keeps the scientists in

I sometimes feel like I am an exhibit in a safari park, it’s a bit weird…

Unsurprisingly CERN has fences all the way round and security at the gates.  237 more words



After getting out of bed early in the morning and then biking to CERN (it took  approximately half an hour on average bike ride), what could be better than having delicious coffee??   57 more words