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Tips for students applying for (and accepted to) the Summer Student Programmes at CERN

This post is dedicated to all you rad boys and girls who have been asking me to give them some tips on how to get selected for a summer student programme at CERN and also to those who have been searching online in hopes of stumbling upon some honest advice.  1,818 more words


Intriguing Anomalies

New findings at the Large Hadron Collider could shake up our current understanding of particle physics.

Researchers with CERN’s LHCb experiment have revealed the discovery of ‘intriguing anomalies’ that hint at explanations beyond the Standard Model. 125 more words


What is the Openlab Summer Student Programme?

I have been approached on some social media platforms and asked to give advice on how to get into the Openlab Summer Student programme. Consider this blog post part 1 of my answer to all the queries and requests that I’ve been receiving. 1,526 more words


CERN // Switzerland Film

In February I was part of a school trip to Geneva. The purpose of our trip was to visit the LHC – Large Hadron Collider – at CERN and we were also given the opportunity to take part in some Physics experiments. 43 more words


C3-PO Mandella Effect.

Does C3-PO have a silver leg?

Due in part to the relatively tight budget George Lucas had for the first Star Wars movie, ‘A New Hope,’ the C-3PO outfit worn by Anthony Daniels was far from perfect. 928 more words

Science Fiction

The Berenstein/Berenstain Bears

I’m not going to go into the Mandela Effect. If you are unfamiliar with it, then you won’t understand what this article is about. If you are familiar with it, then hopefully this article can raise or answer questions for you, depending on what your beliefs and experiences are. 1,123 more words

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