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Intro to Me

Hello to everyone and anyone who is reading this, I am Xavier and this is my first time creating a blog and honestly I like to say that I am actually super excited to do this. 352 more words


666 Earthquakes: Italy, Myanmar, and Indonesia

A few days ago there was a series of three 6+ magnitude earthquakes across the globe within 24 hours of each other.

The first was on August 23 in the Flores Sea near Indonesia. 486 more words

Particles and forces

Beyond the force that holds us back in bed in the morning, there are other four fundamental forces, in Nature.

At the present state of our knowledge, Nature is presented as the result of the composition of the four fundamental interactions ( 148 more words

The Standard Model


A tale of two people

It was the best of tines, it was the worst of tines. In fact it had been a forking awful day. 739 more words


“WTF” Ritual Sacrifice Theater at CERN: Perception, Mimesis, & Hazing Rituals

Recently this video appeared online.

The video has been reported in the mainstream media, including The Guardian. The various articles unanimously dismiss the video as a prank or a spoof. 2,967 more words

Social Engineering

Happy 25th birthday to the World Wide Web - "Internaut Day"

The term “Internaut” refers to one who explores cyber-space and now encompasses all 3.17 billion of us! On 23rd August in 1991, the internet was made open to the public. 152 more words