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Dinning like Cersei

Do you get itchy by the thought of how many months are still remaining until season six starts? Did you mark in your calendar potential dates when ‚Winds of Winter‘ may come out ahead of the series, so that you stay updated about Westeros? 156 more words

Weird Bites

Mother of Madness: The Cersei Lannister Scene Thrones Fans Choose to not Remember

Every character on Game of Thrones has a tragic backstory before the series starts, except for, perhaps the Stark kids, who see their fair share of trauma early on in the series, and Joffrey, who doesn’t need a tragedy to act like a jerk. 997 more words


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Rule of Thumb in King Joffrey's Court: A Game of Thrones Extension

Cersei entered the hall with her usual escorts, and a groan escaped from her son’s mouth, as he sat atop his sword seat.

“Mother, must you interrupt justice?” he said with mock sternness. 1,431 more words