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What is Normal?

There are people that I have met whose life choices I don’t understand. Their normal is so outside my frame of reference as to appear insane. 304 more words

WR22: Design with the end in mind

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Quote of the week

‘Predicting who we will be is harder than predicting what we will be able to do.’ 616 more words

Customer Experience

Yahweh listens (Ps 4:3-4:3)

“Know that Yahweh has set apart

The faithful for himself.

Yahweh hears

When I call to him.”

Yahweh always sets apart his believers. Yahweh listens to the faithful. 34 more words

In search of certainty

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Our waitress was – by usual person-serving-in-a-restaurant standards – excellent.

Whenever our drinks were an inch from being finished she was there, offering (in fact, almost telling us that we were going to have) the same again. 765 more words

Customer Experience


If ever I fall in love,
I want to fall in love with a giant,
7 feet and above,
A tall strong and mighty being, 445 more words


Day 50: Chandra-The Mother of Two Lovely Girls

“Love is the feeling you have, knowing that you chose well, that somehow you found just the right person to share all of yourself & your life with.   332 more words

Certain --A Play On The Word.

Certain ideas are good

certain hours are pleasant.

Certain days are lovely.

Certain images are wonderful.

The certain could be less or more

usually  does not denote a more… 56 more words