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Zertifikate wieder neu

Nachdem die Zertifikate die Zertifikate von entrop von Lets Encrypt neu ausgestellt wurden, wurde bisher der Webserver nicht neugestartet, der daher noch die alten verwendet hat. 10 more words

Weighing in between Slimming World meetings - yes or no?

On previous Slimming World journeys I have felt the need to weigh at home daily either on scales or the wii fit to feel some sort of control over the correlation between my efforts and my bodies results. 190 more words

When 3 and a half pounds isn't enough

Well today was week 3 weigh in – goal 4.5lb weight loss.

  • Week 1 – goal lose 7lbs –  lost 7.5lbs –  goal achieved :)
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New Details Emerge About Alexis Arquette's Death

47-year-old transgender actress Alexis Arquette passed away on September 11th, and the world was shocked. It was 1st reported she died from a heart attack. However, her death certificate reveals she was living with HIV for 29 years, which was noted as the underlining cause. 34 more words


Secure Wireless Access and Authentication with Radius on WS2012R2 Network Policy Server .

Basic 802.1X Wireless network implementation requires an alphanumeric network key for access and authentication. In an enterprise environment this is not ideal. I’ve recently reconfigured and redesigned a client site’s WPAPersonal Wireless network for Radius (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) Authentication on an NPS (Network Policy Server) Server running on the Windows Server 2012R2 platform . 2,011 more words


Scrum/Agile certifications - Which one should I choose?

Short answer: it really depends on what you need. I will try to summarize my point of view on the topic based on the prestige of the institution&certificate, the time needed to prepare the exam as well as type of exam and the price of the certification. 457 more words


SAS Certification Prep Guide: Base SAS Programming for SAS 9

How many observations and variables does the data set below contain?

a) 3 observations, 4 variables

b) 3 observations, 3 variables

c) 4 observations, 3 variables… 3,428 more words