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Keeping Your Trees Healthy This Summer

Now that your trees are all leafed out, how do they look? Nice and green? Plenty of foliage? This is a good sign that they’re healthy. 324 more words


Protect Your Ash Trees Against The Next Generation Of Emerald Ash Borer

The most memorable line from a particularly scary move is: “They’re heeeere.” The same can be said right now for a particularly scary tree pest – the emerald ash borer. 363 more words


Emerald Ash Borer Preparing To Make Its Annual Appearance

While we were nestled snugly away in our homes during the harsh winter, emerald ash borer larvae were snuggled

inside ash trees feasting away. Right now, they’re in the final days of pupation. 295 more words


What To Do With All That Plant Health Care Information

If you are one of our Plant Health Care and/or lawn care customers, you probably received a thick envelope full of all sorts of papers recently. 218 more words


Tips for Preventing Winter Dehydration in Trees and Shrubs

When our daily highs in Pennsylvania are averaging less than 40° F for more than a week, we know that winter has officially arrived. Contrary to what people think, trees can get more dehydrated during the winter months as the result of freezing soil temperatures. 636 more words


Tree Trimming in Wellington Florida

Today your professional landscaper and arborist is in Wellington Florida at the Shell gas station. If you notice from the photos, that queen palm was pretty tall. 131 more words

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