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Tree & Shrub Fertilization - Greenville, SC

We specialize in tree and shrub fertilization, preservation and diagnostics. Have tree or shrub questions? We have answers! 864-601-5115 info@PlantAndTreeSolutions.com


Prepare Your Trees For A Damaging Storm

We don’t know what kind of winter we have in store. Although the weather has been quite mild so far, we can’t be sure what 2016 will bring. 345 more words


Trees get cold too; don’t let winter kill them

Winter weather can mean chilly temperatures, freezing winds, and snow in many parts of Washington. While we can choose to stay inside or bundle up and venture forth, trees don’t have that option; they withstand the elements as best they can. 322 more words

Our Little Urban Arboretum - Fading Colors - November 22, 2015

Our Little Urban Arboretum – Fading Colors – November 22, 2015

You can feel the Alberta Clipper coming to St. Louis, a quiet, like the earth in waiting. 248 more words

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Trees SC Annual Conference - Tree Industry Status, Trees Affecting Health Research

The TreesSC Conference continues following a fantastic opening presentation by Ed Gilman of the University of Florida. Up next is Danny Summers (Summers and Associates… 235 more words


Is There A Hazard Lurking Overhead?

Trees form our landscape’s canopy. Their lush, green foliage relaxes us and keeps us cool in the summer. As winter approaches, deciduous trees lose their leaves and gird themselves for whatever Old Man Winter brings. 385 more words


Our Little Urban Arboretum - Summer Is Over - October 10, 2015

Finally summer is over, the hormones are getting really active causing the leaves to turn colors and then fall. Last week I hired a local gentleman to cut down all the butterfly bushes except a couple that were still blooming. 188 more words

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