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How to develop a career coding the new wave of connected applications.

Amazon has long been the innovator in Cloud and JavaScript has always been the language of choice of the World Wide Web.

We are incrementally seeing a change by Amazon Web Services away from long established programming languages such as PHP and Java to the programmimg language of the Web; JavaScript. 679 more words

How exactly to create a future creating the latest connected apps.

Never before have we seen an opportunity like the opportunity created with AWS and JavaScript.

We are slowly experiencing a change by AWS away from long used programming languages such as Java and Python to the language of the World Wide Web; JavaScript. 689 more words

Nitro Snowboards Promotes Outerwear with Augmented Reality Campaign

This is a fun use of Augmented Reality to spice up a marketing campaign and give a promotional contest a viral boost!

The winter sport season is far from over. 165 more words


Double Down on Developer Certification

You always double down. Always

The storied and accomplished Augmented Minds have become the first junaio Certified Developer to additionally become a Certified Developer for the… 182 more words

Augmented Reality

Explore Mobile World Congress with junaio and TAB WorldMedia

We’ve linked to this project a few times already, but as Mobile World Congress is in less than a week we wanted to highlight it once again! 346 more words


For The Weekend: Wearable AR

We recently announced the addition of Tucan Concepts to our celebrated list of Certified Developers.  They came back to us almost immediately with samples from their… 117 more words