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The Struggle is Real.

Happy Monday ladies and gents!

We’re kickin’ it off on the blog this week with some real life, no filter, authenticity. I think we could all use some of that with the culture that we live in. 540 more words

Certified Personal Trainer

An Unexpected Award from Dr. Kenneth Cooper

On my current 3 1/2 month odyssey around the USA, I have met many  fascinating ordinary people. But occasionally I run into fascinating celebrities. Today was one of those “celebrity” days. 1,118 more words


The 3 F's.

Hey there and happy Monday!

Let’s talk about balance today.

Balance is hard. I’m not talking about the balance that you need to walk across a balance beam or stand on one foot. 2,068 more words

Certified Personal Trainer

Consult a Certified Personal Trainer for Nutritional Counseling

You will find a lot of information about nutrition everywhere. In fact there are so many studies and research on what we should eat and what not that making smart food choice has become a daunting task. 217 more words

Certified Personal Trainer

A Moment of Awe.

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you felt like that moment was made just for you? A moment that had been given to you as a sign, to show you something or give you reassurance about something? 1,047 more words

Certified Personal Trainer

Why You Need to Choose a Certified Personal Trainer?

You may have made the decision to get fit by walking into a fitness centre or gym but don’t you find it overwhelming to find a… 219 more words

Certified Personal Trainer

I'm not her mom

So I just called the National Association of Sports Medicine to sign my girlfriend up for a course to become a Certified Personal Trainer, because I am paying for it. 95 more words

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