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A part of the female genitalia that is located in between the end of the vagina and opening of the uterus.


Birth Control - What is it Good For?

For many people in relationships, the thought of an unplanned pregnancy generates anxiety. Especially for myself, a young woman who simply isn’t financially secure enough to raise a child or mature enough to be a mother but is in a sexual relationship. 1,286 more words


Cervical Stenosis

There is no consensus on the definition of cervical stenosis, but from the hysteroscopy point of view, it could defined as the cervix that present a difficult access and require special maneuvers to introduce the hysteroscope into the cervical canal. 128 more words


Make me Smile

Nurses, Doctors, EMT’s, we all see a lot and due to this I’m fairly certain most of us develop sick senses of humor to deal with all we deal with. 496 more words

Hysteroscopy Pictures

The name cervix derives from the Latin word “Cervic” meaning “neck”. It represents the lower portion of the uterus and communicates the uterine cavity with the vagina. 174 more words

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Mirena McGonagoll

A little whole ago I started writing something about my experience of the Mirena Coil. Then I thought I should wait a bit longer for any potential freak events in the first few weeks and until I had my 6 week check. 2,027 more words

Determining Ovulation

Yesterday was ovulation day for me. I believe.

Sudden watery discharge, mild sensation on my lower, right abdominal area, heightened nipple sensitivity, minor nausea, and the urge to bang all happened yesterday. 830 more words