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Women's Health; Smear Tests!

Where to even begin!?

I have been lucky enough in my life that I have never had to deal with any major illness’, surgeries, life threatening situations etc.. 870 more words

Upcoming Surgery #6

Hello, all—if anyone’s still out there! My blogging has been slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y crawling toward the point of nonexistence, and I’m so sorry for being such a terrible blogger! 659 more words


The, hers, OUR cervix.

Yesterday I looked at pictures of cervices, that is plural for cervix. I have only ever seen the anatomical drawings in textbooks and for no reason at all I wanted to see what the real thing looked like. 469 more words

Becoming Besties with Your Cervix

The first time I felt my cervix, I thought I was dying. The incident occurred during a particularly vigorous masturbation session when my fingers, desperately searching for more depth, suddenly felt a medium-sized bump inside me. 871 more words


Reusable Panty Liners!

Hi gais!
A few weeks ago I made a YouTube video on Vaginal Discharge and Panty Liners and the response was insane! It wasn’t a viral video or anything but the amount of people that messaged me and said thank you for making this video made me almost cry. 939 more words

Cervical Care

So how do we “care” for our cervix when she is so tucked away and invisible…? Here I share what I do for my cervical care! 1,588 more words

The Smear Test Survival Guide.

So, this morning I read that 5 million women are overdue for their smear tests.

And it got me thinking about my first smear test, which I had last year a few weeks after my 25th birthday, and how somehow I managed to muster up the courage to go alone and do the whole embarrassing and awkward business that is the Pap Smear/Smear test. 568 more words